Tuesday 8 March 2022

Virtuality and the Millennium - what if we really can and do choose what we believe?

I keep recurring to the idea that, starting around the millennium, there was a progressive change in human consciousness that led to our present situation in which people choose what they believe

This means that people no longer believe what they perceive - and therefore personal experience and common sense have disappeared. 

Instead (to put it crudely) people perceive what they believe - and this is inevitable and unavoidable

Tis can be explained on the basis that perceptions get meaning from the concepts by which we understand them. If we suppose that past Men had mostly innate, instinctive and unconscious concepts, then their beliefs seemed to be determined by perceptions, by external facts. 

In other words; concepts always drive perceptions - but when concepts are innate, instinctive, unconscious - then 'the facts' seem to be dictated by the outside world. 

Because we will 'automatically' understand by means of concepts we are not aware of - so the facts alone seem to contain understanding. (This error is the basis of 'empiricism.)

But as men - through history - became more aware (more conscious) of the concepts by which they understood reality - then the time came - around the millennium - that Men needed to choose these concepts.

And when a new concept was adopted, then the facts and perceptions changed in light of that concept.  

This situation of Men choosing their own reality has been obscured by the fact that most people simply, passively, believe what they are told by a vast apparatus of bureaucracy and the mass media - and what they are told is essentially uniform. 

So that, although each person is passively choosing what he believes in accordance with whatever concepts are prevalent and most strong emphasized and incentivized. 

And, in the end, almost everyone chooses to believe the same thing - while being largely unaware of having made that choice.

What almost everyone believes I have termed the Virtuality - which is the 'official' reality created and endorsed by a bureaucracy and media that have since the 2020 coup become ever more monolithic, and coercive. 

This is why people believe whatever they are told, no matter how many lies, how incoherent, and how evil the motivations of the 'programmers'. 

But once someone has realized the above situation - he instantly escapes from the Virtuality. 

The millennium made a change such that we are just-are responsible for what we believe - in each and every respect; and to believe The Establishment rather than taking personal responsibility is itself a choice. 

The possibilities for personal influence in the direction of Good or evil are therefore greater than ever before. (As was prophesied by Rudolf Steiner and Owen Barfield.) 

It is a really exciting and hopeful time - albeit shot-through with tragedy - when this 'reality' is grasped and has been embraced!

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