Sunday 27 March 2022

False and coercive intentions motivating the (Not-)consecration of the Fire Nation

Another thing wrong about the Not-consecration of the Fire Nation is the a consequence of wrong motivations folded-into whatever real Christian impulses may lie behind it. 

The first is the implicit assumption that the Fire Nation Is Not, and Never Has Been, a Christian nation; and therefore needs to be converted by this Papal act. 

I am aware that the term 'consecration' is not a synonym for 'conversion' but that is how it is being talked about - as if Russia is (and always had been) the USSR; and never had been a Christian nation; and that nothing substantive happened in 1989. 

(And as if Western Europe, the USA and Australasia weren't the most atheistic, and anti-Christianly-evil, societies in the history of the world...)  

The second is that an act of consecration of this kind can impose Christian blessing/conversion upon a nation that is simultaneously being officially/ institutionally and by goaded-mass- mobbing - actively despised, dispossessed and demonized like none other in history.

As if 'goodness' could be forced-upon those regarded as evil and unconsenting. This smacks of coercive black magical ritual rather than Christian prayer. 

It is also evidence of an atavistic spiritual sloth; by which the necessary and beneficial challenges of these times - which demand conscious choice of all Men - are being ignored in favour of a passive desire that the fundamental evils of this world be sorted-out and done for us by the actions of external authorities (who we continue to trust with our immortal souls and destinies despite everything). 

And as such; the fake-non-'consecration' reeks of arrogance, condescension, pig-ignorance, demonic-thinking and dishonesty - which is, of course, perfectly aligned with its originating-motivations.

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Joseph A. said...

Your B.S. detector is quite admirable.