Thursday 13 October 2022

How best to destroy civilization? The Establishment divided...

All The News is currently concerned with the bitter internal struggles of The Establishment about how best to destroy civilization and cause Global Giga-Death. Because, although they all are on-board-with the broad plan; the specific details and priorities are the subject of much dispute. 

In the first place, there was the conflict between - on the one hand - those who aimed at the 'Ahrimanic'-bureaucratic Global System to impose totalitarian materialism and brainwash the populace; and - on the other hand - those more 'Sorathically'-inclined; who want simply to immiserate, harm and destroy people, nature and the environment - including The System. 

But the destroyers have apparently won that inter-demonic battle: and destruction is increasingly replacing control as the Establishment strategy. 

Yet even though destruction is the agreed objective; problems remain, and the debate intensifies. 

Should the focus be on cutting down food or energy supplies? Destroying trade and transport, money, or human reproduction? Should war or poisoning be the major goal? Smashing health services or the police? Is mass migration or mass despair the surest and swiftest route to mass collapse?

The problem is that each individual servant of evil has short-term objectives for his or her own personal enrichment and gratification - and there are many such schemes and agendas afoot; and these inevitably ten conflict with optimizing the long-term project for inflicting misery and encouraging damnation. 

Even those who have chosen the side of evil in All of the major Litmus Test issues - such as annihilation of the Fire Nation, birdemic-peck, transagenda-sexual revolution, antiracism-mass-immigration, and climate-emergecy-anticarbonism - nonetheless need to determine which to do hardest today; and where to allocate their greatest effort and resources. 

All the Bad Causes claim to be The most important form of evil; all are clamouring for attention Now - but cognitive limitations dictate that we can only be thinking of one thing at a time. 

Luckily for the agents of purposive destruction; the incoherent and oppositional nature of their programme creates an ultimate synergy; because Good can be destroyed by unbounded numbers of means acting simultaneously toward that end

So, although the evil overlords get terribly excited and exercised by the ranking of harmful preferences; ultimately even their inter-office disputes help to enhance the evil orientation of the world. 



Laura said...

Great post. And yet I quibble with your conclusion. Do their “inter-office disputes help to enhance the evil orientation of the world”? Surely their evil schemes must attract the attention of our Lord and spur his movements through human history.

Remember how Jacob addresses his brothers after being sold into slavery in Egypt. Genesis 50:20: “You thought evil against me: but God turned it into good, that he might exalt me, as at present you see, and might save many people.”

A wise old woman in my family used to say that when you turn away from God he will not punish you by sending bad people or problems after you to bring you down. No. What he will do is start removing wisdom from you so that you will begin doing the most foolish things while imagining yourself to be so smart. I think of that quote of hers almost daily as I regard this society of ours.

Couldn’t it be true that all the infighting on how best to destroy the world - all our “best and brightest” duking it out to see who can destroy God’s creation - will merely serve to move the hand of God in our favor as he did with Jacob? Or lead them to commit a fatal error as my family elder taught me?

Bruce Charlton said...

@L - I tend to think that God will Now deal with people as individuals, because that is how we experience ourselves; whereas in Old Testament times, people mostly regarded themselves primarily as members of the tribe, and that was how God dealt with them - as a group.

I don't think God needs to do anything for Men to 'punish themselves', except let it happen. The main evils that Men seek Now will all lead to catastrophe - quite naturally. This happens because evil is against divine creation; therefore wherever evil operates, all that is created will tend to collapse towards chaos.