Tuesday 25 October 2022

Woke censorship of truth is rooted in dishonesty

The astonishingly aggressive zeal behind the woke censorship of truth, originates in the foundational dishonesty of woke ideology. 

The mainstream-dominant materialist-atheist-leftist ideology is rooted in the Big Lies that underpin it. 

Those who inhabit such ideology (essentially all leaders, and a probable majority of the Western masses) cannot bear to see, hear or read truths that contradict their ideology. 

Such truths cause them to experience immediate and accelerating mental anguish; since they 'trigger' progressive and open-ended collapse of the ideological system. 

Consequently, the instant response is to attempt an immediate shut-down of truth-telling; at any cost and using whatever means; without limit - up-to and including destruction of property, production and human life. 

In a system of inverted-values; the morality is one that acts to maintain the system - which entails an imperative of rapid suppression of any relevant but contradictory truth: complete suppression, as fast as possible. 

Hence the unique nature and severity of woke censorship. 

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Jeffrey Cantrell said...

As I read this, I recalled a discussion I had this weekend concerning Biblical prophets. One fellow thought prophets foretold the future. The moderator explained that prophets did not predict the future, but mostly told unpleasant truths from God. I think there is a great deal of this going on here. Thanks for this article!