Thursday 4 January 2024

The pseudo-dilemma of being forced/ encouraged to take a side between evils; when we are being-manipulated by false-delineation of the sides

As I have often said; it seems to me that the Ahrimanic Sorathic struggle is very evident in the Arrakis war - with the Sorathic-demon servers current triggering extraordinary acts of nihilistic (and indeed suicidal) provocation; while Ahrimanic affiliates are trying to maintain control of the envelope, and daily re-applying veneers of geopolitical pseudo-logic. 

This is exactly the kind of characteristically "End Times" danger that I was brooding about a few years ago; when there are only two allowed options in public discourse - chaotic destructiveness or globalist-bureaucratic totalitarianism. 

It superficially seems obvious positively​ to take the side of Systemic evil - e.g. of favouring more "peace" instead of uncontrollable war - and then one too easily finds oneself, for example, pinning hopes on that deeply evil-motivated organization the UN!

I'm sure this kind of pseudo-dilemma (ie. trying to induce us to take one of two sides, both of which are ultimately evil in motivation and methods) is something deliberately planned and sustained.

One of "Their" tricks is to mis-describe the sides: to falsely delineate who is actually fighting whom. 

For example the Fire Nation is fighting the globalist West - and the West is merely using the nation that is the venue of conflict: using them to the point of annihilation and (currently) beyond. 

This is obscured by the suicidal complicity of those being-used; yet this is not a surprise because self-destructiveness is a standard feature of modern, Not Religious, Man. Self-destruction is the inevitable ultimate consequence of unrepented sin; and resentment is maybe the most powerful and common of unrepented sins of this era. 

False delineation of sides is also evident in the Arrakis war (where there are no good sides, and the Western Establishment is unequally split - and supports both of them). 

As in the Fire Nation war; the actual venue of conflict is not one of the two real "sides"; but is merely the location of a war between much larger powers - and thereby is currently, rapidly, being-annihilated. 

And, as with the FN war; the Western side is motivated by powerful, long-term, unrepented - indeed celebrated - resentments - fuelled by fear, which is itself deliberately fuelled. 

Something somewhat analogous applies to the other side - so that the desired outcome on both sides is annihilation of the other - but the most probable outcome is de facto annihilation of both sides: which is why I regard this as ultimately a Sorathic war. 

My point about the need for accurate delineation of sides is that the mainstream, official and media sources persistently misrepresent these conflicts as being "about" the smaller, venue-nations; whereas in reality the venue nations are actually victims (albeit, to a variable but significant extent, complicit victims) of external manipulation . 

"In a rational world" we would not personally be concerned by the doings of remote places; yet because of Western complicity, funding, intervention, geopolitical strategizing - we Just Are involved. 

Not having an opinion is hardly possible with mainstream mas and social media and official saturation coverage; as it was hardly possible with the birdemic-peck, or the antiracism of "MLB". No opinion, "neutrality" or a balanced-view is always - in practice - treated as taking a side.  

Therefore in practice; we must take a view. 

But we ought not to take a side in situations where both sides are evil (albeit evil of different types and motivations); when the choice of sides amounts to a choice between inwardly supporting either demonic chaos or demonic control - because that is precisely what They are attempting to manipulate us into doing. 

The dilemma is not, in reality, "di" - and there are other options and alternatives. By making it a choice of evils; the attempt is strategically-distraction from what we, as Christians and as dyadic direct-knowers, ought to be committing our-selves to. 

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