Monday 1 January 2024

The Arrakis war has galvanized Leftist radicalism and channeled it back into the mainstream

As I feared; it seems that the Arrakis war has been successfully used to enthuse and inspire the "idealistic" and self-identified radicals of the left, has provoked a resurgence of the evil error of pacifism; and through support for the Fremen has channeled this "youthful enthusiasm" safely into Establishment control. 

People who were perhaps "in danger of" awakening to the demonic evils of the Global Totalitarian Agenda, are now enthusiastically enlisted in a multitude of Establishment-controlled "protest" and "charitable" activities - just like the (Good Old...) 1960s - Yay!

Thus, the easily-awakening desire of Westerners (and others) to Do Something To Help (to help, that is, a situation of which they are aware only very indirectly and via the major mass media); has inevitably led to working-through and thereby re-validating already-existing Establishment-controlled channels - such as the UN. 

People who, three months ago, would have had nothing but disdain for the totalitarian globalist puppet-masters of the UN, are now pouring all hopes into it, and following its machinations with avidity. 

Geopolitics is sexy again! Pseudo-edgy, covertly-officially-approved Leftist radical protest is back in the mass media spotlight. 

Yet again; the desire to influence this world on a large scale - for whatever reason - is readily subverted and redirected into strategic support for the totalitarian agenda of evil. 

Yet again; Christians are being given a lesson that Christ's Kingdom is "not of this world"; and we are yet again being shown that we absolutely need to fix our hopes beyond mortal life and this earth, and gain a perspective that sees life from a context of eternity. 

Yet again; we are being shown what is our business in this world, and what is not our business: What we ought to be placing as our personal and real priority - and what we should not be misled into thinking we understand, can affect, and ought to be working to change.  

The current intra-left civil war is top-down created and manipulated - both "sides" being manifestations of one will; such that whichever side we "support" in this fight, we shall be supporting the overall totalitarian strategy: the agenda of evil. 

And people have fallen for it yet again.   

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