Tuesday 12 March 2024

From where we now are, all valid reforms would destroy The System

If we are honest; we know that our civilization is so deeply rotten, in so many ways, that it cannot be reformed. 

Not only is their no significant desire for Goodness (for virtue, truth and beauty - for honesty and coherence); but even if there were, effectiveness changes to reform our kind of society - to base it upon goodness rather than evils - would necessarily destroy it. 

This is important: genuine attempts to improve our society morally, and in terms of truth and beauty - will tend to destroy it*. 

And when our civilization goes-down, most of the people in the world (billions) will die, and probably over a timescale of months or a few years.   

In other words; the vast population of the world is enabled and sustained by intrinsically evil practices that are fundamental: by all kinds of tyranny, depersonalization, rule by torment and fear, bribery by hedonic corruption. Man is subordinated to abstract Systems which are inhuman and anti-human. 

The reality of the human situation is, indeed, so horrible that a majority will ignore or deny it. And indeed I am not suggesting that we should be aware of it in any kind of frequent of continuous fashion - that is not how Christians ought to be living! 

And of course we are not wholly evil, and there is much goodness in the world; yet the nature of things is that we do depend on evil to survive, and for many of our comforts and joys. 

It has always been thus, in an ultimate sense - which is why thoughtful and wise Men have always known that this mortal life is insufficient, it is not good enough

And God agrees! - else God would not have found it necessary to enable Jesus Christ to offer the only real and possible answer to the inadequacy of the human condition in this world. 

But what we have here-and-now is different from past situations in many ways. For the first time in history, religion has been reduced to insignificance or deleted altogether from the lives of vast numbers - and especially those with the greatest power, wealth and influence. 

The scale of things is larger than ever; the evils are more extreme - in that multiple value-inversions are world-wide, strategic, and imposed top-down; and because overall trends are strongly adverse.  

I think all this needs candid acknowledgment, and ought to form a framing-background to more mundane and everyday concerns. But having-made such an acknowledgement of reality, we each have a personal quest in life; and that should be our primary concern. 

Things are what they are, and that is not a reason for despair - because to despair is to lack faith in the goodness and power of God the Creator.

Ultimately, this mortal world is not an end-point, and never could be. We are visitors; and our job is to love and to learn while we are here. Our world exists for that purpose - not to be or become perfect. 

The fact that this world is intrinsically and inescapably bound-up with evil is just one of the facts of life. But our destination lies beyond this world; and any who desire it can look forward to inhabiting a world which does not depend on evil for its functioning. 

*Note: On the other hand; our civilization has-been and is purposively and strategically destroying itself; with the active connivance of the globalist totalitarian ruling class. Destruction is inevitable on both sides; and whether we stick with the present System, or change in in the direction of Good. 

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