Wednesday 13 March 2024

I share in some Oscars for Poor Things (sort of...)

She's crying because I wasn't invited - presumably 

I noticed, rather belatedly, that "my" movie (which I haven't actually seen) seems to have scooped-up most of the 2024 Oscars that were left-over from Oppenheimer (which also I haven't seen). 

Since the movie was based-on the work by Alasdair Gray that I had most to do with the writing-of; clearly my contribution must have been decisive. 

I should add that nobody from the film's production team has yet been in contact to thank me for making them so much money and prestige. 


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Nozdryov said...


I am struggling with the temptation to ask one of our new Cleverly Synthetic machines for a "Bruce Charlton oscar acceptance speech"