Wednesday 6 March 2024

Kronenberg lager - an old favourite TV advert


[The answer to a riddle and a perfect microcosm of the life of the Viennese musical genius, in 30 seconds...]

Hey Schubert!


Coming down to the Bierkeller?

I haven't finished my symphony...

Come on! - a little Kronenberg will loosen your chords. 

Now you struck the right note. 

[Cut to Bierkeller]

Here Schubert - what about your Unfinished Symphony?

What about my unfinished Kronenberg, eh?


Francis Berger said...

That was more enjoyable than most feature films I've seen recently.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - It's a hoot, as well as deftly economical and tightly constructed.

For my brother and I; this ad has long been a trope for the heavily-sign-posted standard Hollywood way of portraying history - on one hand vaguely idealized and romantic; on the other, aggressively common-sensical (who *wouldn't* choose to finish his lager, rather than a symphony? Eh?)