Saturday, 12 October 2013

Does Leftism want central planning - or was that just an excuse?


The early Leftists, Fabians and Bolsheviks, for example, were very keen on central planning and 'rational' decision making in the economy.

Indeed rational planning was the absolute centre, focus and main plank of Leftism in most of its modernizing varieties. 

This led to the desire for totalitarian dictatorship, and experiments with it.


But modern Leftism seems to have dispensed with rational central planning, and embraced uncontrolled chaos with no centralization (instead discipline only by an un-centred mass media) and zero rationality (instead only black-box bureaucratic procedures).

It seems superficially strange - and it would be strange if Leftism really had a positive and constructive agenda - but of course it does not.

Leftism, as it developed, was revealed as a negative agenda - defined by being against this, that and the other (against class inequality, but not in favour of equality, against sexism but not in favour of ignoring sex, ditto race...).

And it turns out that in reality Leftism is against economic freedom, 'laissez-faire' self-regulation and autonomy of economic agents, but not actually in favour of central and rational planning - but actually merely in favour of destroying economic freedom.


It turns out that the Left wasn't really all that bothered about the very thing that was placed at the absolute centre of their supposed political agenda.

It turns out that the Left is more concerned to implement destruction than to create anything in particular.

It is long overdue that the real nature of the Left was recognized - because, let's face it, there is by now plenty of evidence.