Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Where is the Sweet Spot for a Christian Right blog?


Having spent several years proving - to my own satisfaction, at least - the innate corruption of the modern mass media; the question arises of what kind of influence or impact is sought by a blog of this type. Is it a part of the mass media?

Well, no. The actual audience is small enough to fit into a single lecture theatre, and the number of comments amounts to just a few per post - this is not operating on any kind of 'mass scale' (except in unrealized potentiality).

But what would happen if, by some ill-chance, this blog attracted an order of magnitude greater notice:  if I had an audience of thousands, tens of thousands per day - if a had to sift through and perhaps respond to hundreds of comments? If my postings were regularly featured in the mainstream mass media?

What would happen if, in other words, this blog joined the mass media?

Clearly any good in it would be destroyed; by one means or another. A blog can only join the mass media either by tailoring itself to the mass media, or else by being misrepresented by the mass media.

The mass media simply cannot include the kind of material which is mostly featured in this blog - it is an impossibility, it simply cannot be represented there - only if grossly distorted or inverted in its meaning; and this is structural, not a matter of anybody's particular will.

So, there is a sweet spot of influence and impact for a blog such as this one.

The current audience for this blog could valuably be scaled-up, to a point - but going beyond that point would necessarily be destructive.

So, I think this blog could usefully grow somewhat more, maybe to double its present level of clout?

But somewhere between that doubled-point and a ten-fold amplification, the blog would either explode or implode; but would anyway not be the same thing at all; but would become assimmilated to the mass media.