Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The mass media are An Army of Fausts


Our minds, our memories, have calculatedly been filled with false associations, with falsehoods we feel as facts, with deliberately-cultivated good impressions and manufactured disgust.

This happens hourly, daily, week in and week out - by the mass media. 

But this is incomprehensible! How can we blame so large, so nebulous a thing - shifting and churning in its membership and authority structure?

The mass media just is not the kind of thing that can realistically be blamed, because our minds cannot comprehend anything which could organize evil on such a scale.

But the real organizer behind the coordinated activities of the mass media is 'the father of lies' and his vast and invisible team - who are coordinating this by multiple individual supernatural bargains.

We could realistically regard the personnel of the mass media as united (in so far as they are united) by having each of them sold his soul to the devil, with individual benefits returning for the price of doing Satan's will.

A multiplicity of fiendish bargains with a variety of rewards (although perhaps mostly sexual rewards); yet all exacting the same cost - service in the great strategy of misleading, deceiving and lying in the service of evil. 

An Army of Fausts.