Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Misunderstanding the Left - looking for the wrong thing, and finding it in the wrong place


The Left is misunderstood! Consequently, it is mis-defined, and mis-attributed.

People suppose the Left is pro some thing - pro-equality, pro-social justice or whatever.

This leads people to suppose that the Left is constructive - and to suppose that success in the Leftist project is the creation of a Leftist society with certain Left-approved attributes.

And since the Left is supposed positively to want certain outcomes, the Left is assumed to be in places where outcomes are presumed to be influenced: mostly government. 


It is then puzzling to discover that the supposedly Left-desired society never gets any closer, no matter how powerful the Left becomes; and that the Left are indifferent to discovering whether there is any link between their approved policies and the outcomes they purport to desire.

In sum, the Left does not learn from the failures of its policies to generate the outcomes it supposedly wants. 

It seems that - if regarded as a pro-, constructive, creative programme based in government -  the Left are inexplicably counterproductive yet indifferent to the actual effect of their policies.

It seems the Left are unconcerned by reality.


But the Left is essentially anti. Not constructive but destructive, not creative but parasitic.

What the Left is 'anti' has only emerged as the Left has grown in power: initially the Left was anti-Christian, then it became anti- various other things: monarchs, traditional sexuality, the family... and now the Left is anti-Good (anti truth, beauty and virtue).

For this perspective things begin to make sense.

The failure of the Left to achieve purported goals is actually success in causing destruction.

And the primary focus of the Left is not in government, where it would be placed to construct and create a Leftist society; but in the mass media which is the perfect place for inciting, encouraging and implementing destruction.


Properly understood the 'failure' of the Left constructively to introduce and establish the positive features of a Leftist society is actually the success of the Left in terms of its true nature being destructive.

And this fits with what is the obvious experience of the mass media controlling politics - but in a negative and chaos-inducing manner; rather than politics controlling the mass media by coercing it to become a conduit of propaganda.


Thus, Leftism's core business is destruction; and the triumph of Leftism is ever increasing disorder.