Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mass media mini-book coming-up - It is NOT about who is holding the megaphone


I've recently finished the first draft of a mini-book on the modern mass media - a subject which I have been blogging about for a while. It'll emerge, in due course, from the University of Buckingham Press who also published Thought Prison and Not Even Trying.

As usual, I go further than anybody else in stating my case - and will presumably end-up by alienating all moderate and sensible people!

The world view depicted is one in which the mass media (regarded as a system) has become the centre of Leftism (hence the centre of anti-Christianity); and therefore the main headquarters of Satan in the world today.

The book depicts a world not of media 'bias', but a world where both the form and content of the mass media combine first to erode, then to make almost impossible, The Good.

This is NOT a matter of who is holding the megaphone - which is the current semi-correct/ mostly-wrong secular Right explanation - instead the mass media is the megaphone, but nobody else is holding it.

Rather the megaphone is holding everything else - who are trapped by their addiction to what the mass media provides - the mass media is now primary reality in the secular West.

Thus it is not the usage of a 'neutral' mass media which is evil, but the existence, the actuality of the mass media which is itself intrinsically evil - the displacement of real reality by mass media representations is in itself the insanity and wickedness of the politically correct Left.

So self-cure of media addiction becomes the first and essential step in soul-saving; and autonomy from the mass media, indispensable to a true religious revival.