Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The irrefutable non-sense of having doubt as your null hypothesis


I believe that the main problem for modern atheists is the null or default hypothesis (that is, the hypothesis which you believe, unless compelled to abandon it).

When the null hypothesis is doubt: i.e. that God does not exist, there is no soul, there is no meaning or purpose to the universe etc - then there is 'never enough evidence' to remove doubt; partly because each piece of evidence always has an alternative explanation, but mostly because each piece of evidence is regarded as weak - since, when doubt is the null hypothesis, then the evidence is itself subject to doubt.

So if you accept doubt as your default belief, you must doubt any possible refutation of that doubt; and therefore you get trapped inside your null hypothesis.

This is precisely the style of modern doubt: it has made the fatal (deadly: literally) error of accepting a nihilistic null hypothesis, which - because it is non-sensical - is irrefutable; and which because it is nihilistic - is intrinsically evil.

Modern doubt is the choice of evil as null hypothesis; and once made the choice of doubt is self-perpetuating.