Thursday, 14 November 2013

What is the value of undergoing a mass media withdrawal and detox?


I have suggested that the mass media is an addictive drug for modern Man, and that it is necessary to undergo withdrawal and detoxification.

But why? Withdrawal and detox are unpleasant experiences – and to be a non-addict in a world of dedicated drug-seekers and -users can be socially isolating.

What benefits lie on the other side of the costly process of curing mass media addiction?


The major benefit is to become psychologically independent of the drug pushers. An addict needs his fix; and mass media addicts need ever larger and more frequent doses of their drug which makes them utterly dependent on the media providers.


It is not good to be dependent on drug pushers such as the mass media, because they will say or do whatever is required to create new addicts and expand their consumption of existing addicts. In a word the pushers exploit their clients.  

The exploitation involves extraction of money (as with advertising), of attention, of time... It involves shaping of the mind by social, political and ideological propaganda. It involves pushing lies, and suppressing truths; promoting approved morals and demonizing disapproved morals.

And all kinds of other exploitations both short-term, tactical, individual-level exploitations (such as wholesale sexual manipulation and predation by media celebrities); and long-termist, strategic, socially-attitudinal manipulations (such as creating a public climate in which successful sexual predators are admired and rewarded with honours, prizes and praise).  


In a nutshell, to be dependent on the media is to be exploited by the media, in so many possible ways that they cannot all simultaneously be defended against.


Any media addict is therefore being manipulated – whether they realize it or not; and being induced into attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that advantage the manipulators – whether they realize it or not.

And that is why everybody needs to undergo the painful process of mass media withdrawal and detox.  


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