Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Note to the secular Right - cynical selfish hedonistic individualism is not a reaction against the Left, but *exactly* what the Left wants


Again and again I have read a response from the secular Right which regards itself as a defiant 'I'll show 'em - but which is in reality exactly what the Left wants.

Because what the Left wants is not any particular state of affairs, not any particular set of social arrangements (such as a society dominated by women or feminized values or 'other' races or some kind of inversion of heterosexual married family life...).

What the Left wants is destruction of the Good - and it only uses the above causes as temporary battering rams against strong institutional sources of Good such as Christianity, marriage, the family, patriotism, decency, hard work, altruism, truthfulness, beauty and so on.

So when a 'manosphere' secular Rightist responds to the degraded state of the current sexual arena with 'threats' of using women purely for gratification, of boycotting marriage, of avoiding responsibility etc - the fact is that this is not a threat to the Left, but instead precisely what the Left wants from them.

When the Left corrupts the churches, the military, the police, and the nation - and conservatives first lose faith in, then turn against, these institutions - then they must not delude themselves into supposing that this is any kind of act of rebellion against the Left; or anything hostile to the plans of the Left: it is exactly what the Left wants.

It is Leftism in action, in a refined form. 

In fact, the Right cannot rebel by being more selfish, it cannot really rebel at all - because rebellion is negative and intrinsically Leftist; the Right can only create by courageous acts of faith and love; against the odds; based on transcendental Hope.