Tuesday, 31 December 2013

God as Judge or Father?


I generally find it sorts out most problems to think of God as a Father rather than a Judge.

A Father judges in the context of Love, and He is always judging his beloved children - but a Judge (qua Judge) just applies laws in a proper societal context, objectively, and consistently.

This explains my immoveable rejection of 'legalistic' Protestant explanations - for example of Christ's Atonement; which assume that God is primarily a Judge, rather than a Father.

(I mean explanations along the lines that God - as judge - had to punish somebody for the sins of Man, and Christ took the punishment that Man deserved. This explanation does not resemble the behaviour of a loving Father in relation to his children - therefore it is wrong.)

However, Christian theology (Atonement, Salvation and Damnation etc.) is explained, and there is not fully adequate explicit explanation, the explanation must be based fundamentally in Love, not justice; in God as Father, not judge.