Saturday, 28 December 2013

Is the near-ubiquity of bleached and/or dyed hair significant?


I would say yes.

Yes, on the whole, on average - and perhaps even yes in the large majority of instances...

It seems to correlate with a lot of bad, somewhat bad, or at least suboptimal, things.


There is rebellious dyed hair - in non-natural colours and designs - which is rebellious; and there is pretending-to-be younger dyed hair - which is dishonest.

I did have rebellious dyed hair for a while in my twenties, and once rebellious bleached, and it did correlate with bad beliefs, attitude and lifestyle.


As for pretend young hair: just because something is nearly ubiquitous and accepted without comment doesn't stop it being bad, doesn't make it Good...

I suppose everybody is guilty of dishonesties, but even if all-but everybody does it, lies are still wrong; and when almost everybody is lying, then that makes it worse - not better. 

A culture of lies...