Saturday, 28 December 2013

I am a Christian simply because Christianity is true. But why does that strike modern people as an absurd claim?


I became a Christian because Christianity is true.

Its truth is not overwhelming. However there are certainly sufficient grounds for belief in the truth of Christianity - and certainly no compelling reason to reject Christianity on the basis of logic and evidence.

(Christian belief is a choice, needs faith.)

Nor is absolutely everything about Christianity true, not every small detail - and maybe not even the mass of Christian claims - but fundamentally and in its essence Christianity is just True, True, True...


I became a Christian when I realized that - in this respect - Christianity was exactly the same as Science - which I had believed-in since a small child.

Take the above passage and substitute 'Science', 'Scientist' or 'Scientific' for Christianity and Christian.

That is what I recognized, and what I have since believed: Christianity it true; just as Science is true, in the same kind of way.


And just as with Science, if you are doing Science (rather than merely expressing opinions about it) you must choose a theory; if you reject a particular Scientific theory then you can only do on on the basis of believing another different theory - or else you cannot do Science.

(If you are doing science you are believing a theory, many theories, whether you know it or not. A real scientist knows his theory.) 

Well, you can chose not to do Science and thereby avoid choosing a theory to believe; but if you choose to live then you must choose a religion to live by; and if you are living, then you are believing a religion, perhaps many religions, whether you know it or not.


Of course Christianity is above Science, more than Science, and in a sense necessary to the development and continuation of Science as a social activity. What I mean here is that the structure of what it is to mean that something is True is analogous between Christianity and Science.  


If you choose to believe Science as true (real Science, the best Science) - or believe a particular scientific theory; then you can legitimately choose to believe Christianity in the same kind of way, on the same grounds, just as rigorously.

That is what I discovered.


Stimulated by re-watching:

See especially 5.50 - 10.15 minutes. 

But watch the whole thing - it contains some marvellous stuff.