Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Why is it in practice impossible to have sensible policies about immigration? (Because, from where we are, 'good' reforms must necessarily be preceded by repentance and religious revival)


I have noticed that on the secular Right/ Reactosphere/ Alt Right/ Manosphere blogs, immigration policy is used as the major Litmus test, to evaluate whether or not a person or party is support-worthy.

(Whereas on the religious right the Litmus tests are related to the sexual revolution.)

Now it is trivially easy, mere common sense, to know for sure that mass immigration (e.g. of the order of one percent growth/ change per year) is lethal to any social order in the medium to long term; so it seems only sensible that massive population migrations must be prevented and the process must be controlled.

This is non-optional for any society - yet it keeps on and on not happening.



Because from where we are now in the situation we are; common sense policy is precisely what is impossible.

Open-ended mass migration is a problem because the Left has been in charge for many decades (and whatever the name of the party, the Left has won - all mainstream 'right wing' parties are in practice Leftist).

And minimally-restricted (in practice unregulated, mostly unrecorded) mass migration is a major plank of Leftism: such that positivity to long term and open-ended mass 'immigration' is a Litmus test for what they call 'racism' - which is widely taught to be the ultimate sin.


So THIS WORLD we live in is one where sensible immigration reform IS racism, and racism IS the worst of all possible evils.

And believers will RESIST ultimate evil (i.e. racism) to the maximum extent of their strength and will. 

And THIS is our starting place for any future change. 


Thus, from where are are now, 'sensible' changes to immigration policy are impossible.

Impossible, that is, in practice: if sensible reform to immigration policy was possible, it would have happened, long ago.

The fact that sensible reform did not happen, and there is zero sign of it happening, and instead matters are getting worse, is just that - a fact; and what that fact means is that making sensible immigration reform policy into a Litmus test is not as straightforward as it seems.

Not at all.


When the resistance against sensible reform of an obviously-suicidal policy is so strong - that is, resistance is strong enough to overcome simple logic and obvious common sense - this means that common sense reforms become desirable only on the other side of mass repentance and a religious revival.

Because (however sensible or desirable) if immigration restriction became the major priority of a political movement, if it became the 'single issue' for a party which hoped to attain political power sufficient to overturn a half-century of Leftism, such a party would need to overcome massive, powerful, unyielding, entrenched resistance from The Left - which is the party in power, and controls all the major social institutions (especially the mass media - indeed the Left is the mass media).

So, in practice, sensible reform would need to be massively-motivated - viscerally-motivated, (dare I say it) fanatically-motivated, in order to overcome the entrenched resistance of Leftism.

And this level of motivation could (probably) only happen by unleashing, encouraging and organizing the emotion of hatred.

Organized-hatred met by entrenched resistance equals serious civil strife, probably civil war; which is usually the worst kind of war; and once started this kind of thing can be very difficult/ impossible to stop.


This is why immigration is such a desperately fraught question.

And one which it is impossible to solve by secular politics without a high risk of making matters much worse - because in the modern world as it is now secular politics can only generate power by mobilizing wicked motivations such as hatred. 

In sum, the Left have created an impossible and suicidal immigration policy, yet this suicidal policy is so deeply embedded and so recklessly defended, that to stop it and and turn around could/ would produce horrific overall effects. The specific problem or issue of mass migration might be solved, but only at terrible cost.


At root, suicidal mass immigration is a product (just one of many products) of the psychotic and self-destructive mind set of secularism, a disease that can only be cured by religion. 

If the (apparently sensible) treatment is introduced without prior religious cure, then this would necessarily and merely be swapping one kind of psychotic self-destruction for another. It would be like 'curing' society's brain cancer by cutting-off its head.

The real 'answer', the good answer, the only answer we would want is that the first step must be religious revival (i.e. a real-Christian Great Awakening).

Only after the insanity of secularism has been recognized and repented, and the necessity of religion embraced, can 'normal service be resumed' - with sane, common sense, non-suicidal, sensible policies.


There is no short cut to victory against hedonic-suicidal secular Leftism.

The enemy is too strong for short cuts; but the desire for a short cut is a snare, and could easily make things much worse.

We must go the longer way round - via repentance.