Friday, 17 January 2014

Subversion and blog comments


I have been reading a history of art from a Christian (Calvinist) perspective - Modern art and the death of a culture by Hans Rookmaaker - which provides food for thought about the operation of evil in the world.

Among other things, it documents (albeit not explicitly) the way in which subversive became a term of approbation in art - until subversion became (for some people) the primary job of the (modern) artist.

For them, all real art was subversive. 


After a while (since about the mid-1960s) the idea became mainstream. Subversive is good - if you can subvert, then you are doing a good job. People ought to be allowed to subvert, they should be free to subvert... Dang-it they have a basic human right to subvert!


For a traditionalist, this is bunk.

Subversion of the Good is evil - and indeed one of the very worst of sins when it confuses or inverts the polarity of Good and evil.

(I would judge that modern artists - as a subspecies of radical intellectual - have been among the worst sinners, the most evil people, ever to inhabit the earth.)


So... I have no intention of publishing comments which are subversive of blog posts which are important to me.

A commenter has no right for their comment to be published, I have no obligation to apologize-for or excuse the non-publication of a comment - indeed (as a broad rule) I only publish comments I like and which I believe will enhance the post.

Certainly I do not publish comments which I believe or suspect will subvert the blog post - why would I do that? Why would I spend thousands of hours a year writing a blog only to facilitate having it pulled to pieces by subversive commenters?

Nor do I publish comments which criticize or mock me - of course not! What kind of masochistic nutcase would I have to be actually to facilitate and approve and propagate the publication of slurs and rants against myself!


This is just a matter of basic mental health.

Other bloggers seem happy to have their blog posts deflected, pulled-apart, hijacked and in general subverted by commenters; and to publish vicious, silly, ignorant or irrelevant and hate-filled diatribes against themselves and the things they love and wish to promote.

But I regard them as crazy.