Sunday, 5 January 2014

The five (uncorrelated) components of intellectual achievement - all declining


1. Intelligence

2. Honesty

3. Creativity

4. Knowledge

5. Diligence



1. Intelligence is declining in most (not all) groups, and so is diligence (hard work, conscientiousness) - but there are other components of achievement which can compensate in terms of leading to sustained or greater achievement.

2. Honesty - the habit of truth, in all things, large and small. This is related to...

4. Knowledge - an accumulation of knowledge is very valuable BUT that knowledge must be of real things, true things. Modern society is characterized by vast knowledge of lies, nonsense, trivia etc - which is worse than useless - much, much better to know just a few true, real things.

3. Creativity, whatever it is, it is a gift - mostly. But it can be used or not, it can be amplified (by work habits, lifestyle etc) or suppressed.


HOWEVER - it can be seen that in modern society we have:

1. Dysgenics lowering intelligence and diligence.

2. A culture of lying; and which both dis-values and suppresses real creativity.

3. A culture full of addictive and distracting lies, trivia, and evil (reality denying) stuff - this utterly overwhelming knowledge.


In a nutshell: We Are Doing Everything Wrong.