Thursday, 18 February 2016

Are the international elite really shape-shifting alien lizard people?

Well, not exactly...

But having over the past year-or-so read and considered a swathe of such 'conspiracy theory' writings on the internet (having recently discovered that one of my teenage friends - an extremely intelligent and well-informed individual - is now a prominent leader in this sub-culture), I would have to say that such inferences are probably along the right lines...

The details may be wrong - and absurdly so; the ultra-Left, anarcho-syndicalist socio-political stance is deeply erroneous; but the contributing raw observations and underlying explanatory principles?... well, they both have considerably more validity than I would have expected a decade ago.



  1. I have long been interested in the reptilian theory, and I suspect it may be true. Just looking at many prominent people, I am often struck by how much their demeanour and complexion have a certain distinctly 'reptilian' quality to them.

    Then there are things like the ubiquitous prominence of dragons and other such creatures in many nations, or the common use of such phrases as 'the reptilian brain' to explain certain implacable mental characteristics. As they say, the truth is often hidden in plain sight.

    But what really strikes me is that if such concepts were really nothing more than flights of fantasy, it is remarkable that the specific objects of such supposed fantasy remain relatively consistent across the beliefs of so many individuals and across time. To my knowledge, there are no significant groups claiming that pigeon-human hybrids secretly rule the world.

  2. @M - I am prepared to entertain the possibility that people have seen elite members seem to shape shift, and look *like* reptiles; but if such an experience were genuine I would take it as evidence of demonic possession and illusions.

    As a Christian I am pretty much required to believe that there are demons (fallen-angels - as well as Good angels) active in the world, indeed this is asserted by almost all of the Christians whom I most respect and trust (such as CS Lewis).

    Given that we are talking about supernatural evil, and given the history of the world, the big picture is explained by certain demonic activity - and if this is really happening (which I think it is) then I assume that the 'lizards' are really demons.

    After all, the reports of lizards from reasonably reliable people all seem to be impressionistic, partial, brief, uncertain; and from *non*-Christians who I would regard as intrinsically likely to misinterpret what they perceive in the realm of the supernatural.

  3. We know from the Bible that evil chose to appear as a snake to seduce Eve. I haven't read much about this, but as Bruce suggests it seems obvious the conspiracy-theory is somewhat misdirected and only seeing a chosen demonic appearance. A chilling glimpse or warning to those who perceive? Hopefully they turn their hearts towards God after seeing evil so closely.

  4. Are you talking about Edenism?

  5. @dl - are you asking me or Nathaniel? I don't know anything about Edenism.

  6. Sorry to be obscure- "Edensim" is an loose term which in the version I'm most familiar with, states that humanity has been and is being manipulated by a race from space called the "melonheads" because of the dome shape of their skulls. Another such group is the "starchildren" who can be identified by the prominences on the side of their heads. Common humans have in some cases prominent Neanderthal characteristics, which are good, but in most cases Cro-Magnon characteristics, which are bad.

    I don't think this needs an extraterrestrial explanation. It is possible to tell if a person has significant Neanderthal ancestry by skull shape. People with dome-shaped skulls do appear frequently among the elite. Starchildren seem to be much less common, although I think maybe my wife has some starchild thing going on.

    It's quite possible that I'm familiar with the young fellow you speak of from the internet, but I think there are several separate version of this so I'm not sure. Again even if you don't accept the outer space part, which I'm pretty skeptical of, it all makes a lot of empirical sense.