Wednesday, 17 February 2016

What is the evil agenda of elite evil?

There are a lot of people who are concerned about the evil of the Western elites, its nature and purpose. Since this evil is covert and heavily defended, there are massive divergences of opinion about its nature and purpose - so we have multiple theories of motivations: Caligulas, capitalists, illuminati, aliens, lizard people...

There is a lot of crazy talk coming from people of different levels of craziness - but then it turns out that there has indeed been some crazily massive and systematic evil going on in Britain: by any historical standards.

The revelations over the past few years of the wholesale, decades-long activities of Jimmy Savile are beyond the imagination of most people, and he was one of the most well-connected people in Britain: an intimate, advisor and facilitator of senior royalty, senior politicians, senior BBC officials, lawd and health service bureaucrats... the elite of the elite. After this came the revelations of multiple examples of organized paedophilia being concealed/ tolerated/ protected by these same authorities - and again at a scale apparently unique in history.

These situations were known to many thousands of the most powerful people for a long time - and the necessary inference is that what was going-on was, overall, what they wanted to be going-on.

So we have an evil elite, and they are evil in ways and to a degree which is crazy - so what are they trying to achieve?

It is here that the theorists ideas seem grossly inadequate. If the evil elite are as powerful as they seem to be, then why the secrecy - and why is it so unclear about what they are aiming-at?

The answer is that the source and ultimate organization of evil is neither human nor alien but demonic. And the demonic perspective is not strategic - it does not name at any particular end state - its modus operandi is destruction: destruction of The Good.

The demonic tactically undermines, subverts, attacks and ultimately inverts all that is Good, wherever that may be found. There is maybe a vague notion of creating a state of disorder that they intend to exploit - but not much detail beyond that. They simply succeed in one destruction, then move onto the next.

It is, in a sense, no more than a series of 'petty triumphs'; of prideful impositions of domination and manipulation; of delighting in the grotesque smashing of innocence and beauty; of getting-away-with outrageous lies and cruelties - indeed, knowing their own covert evil and not merely getting-away-with-it but being publicly and multiply honoured as exemplars of good; of infiltrating, hollowing-out and filling with corruption the finest and noblest institutions...

And all for no better or deeper or more coherent reason that the gleeful mockery of it, the sense of their own superiority -- the conviction that all this (their own successful destruction and deceit) is conclusive proof of the stupidity and hypocritical-wickedness of the masses (and the weak minority of the genuinely religious), and thereby justifies the activity.

In the end, everybody knows (more or less) what is going-on, but everybody pretends it isn't: and this situation just gets more and more extreme, thorough, and crazy. And this is exactly what the demons want.  

There is no Master Plan, there is nothing more-than more-of-the-same: more extreme in degree, more insane in content, more widespread... And (best of all, from the demonic perspective) all the time, all this grotesque and viscerally disgusting stuff is going behind a facade of pomp, ceremony and prestige.

The demons are already regarded as angels; they intend to be worshipped as gods.

And then, when good is defeated in the piblic and visible reealm, and the evil god will rule in the role of Goodness; a new phase will begin (or rather will become dominant - since it has always been there): the struggle for domination between the triumphant demons, their destruction of one another.

But it never stops (until everything stops). So long as there is any residual good, there is work for evil.

Note: I am talking above of varieties of demonic illusion, influence, control, and at the extreme possession -- demons cannot incarnate, cannot have bodies (according to Mormon theology). The above ideas are my most recent reflections along a line begun by reading Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, by Fr. Seraphim Rose. I think there was a core of truth in what Seraphim Rose argued - although I believe he was wrong to state that all New Age/ Occult/ Spiritual/ Paganistic/ Eastern Religion (etc) phenomena are demonic; by contrast, I think there is much good in some of them.