Saturday, 20 February 2016

Innocent until proven guilty? I regret giving public figures the benefit of the doubt

I suppose I have always been very suspicious of public figures - the people in the media; but never suspicious enough. I was too easily swayed by the argument that people deserve the benefit of the doubt.

But in public life, this is a false assumption; because public figures ensure that there is always some 'doubt' about their malign nature - and so they get away with wholesale wrong-doing for decades.

I used to think that public figures of whom I was suspicious must be OK, otherwise their activities - which are, after all, public - would very rapidly lead to their being exposed for what they were. I now recognize that public figures are the only people who can get away with public wrongdoing - and for an indefinite period.

The only people who can engage in large scale, extreme wrong-doing for extended timescales, are indeed the people that do it in full view and are well known for doing it.( Well known, that is, among the alliance of those with power - the elite.)

They are protected by the default assumption - which they have imposed on everybody else - that people 'must' be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. Because they can - as we observe - ensure that there is never enough proof to prove their guilt; even the slightest doubt, inconsistency or implausibility (all of which can be manufactured on demand) is sufficient to establish 'innocence'.

By contrast, the mass majority are not allowed the principle of innocent until proven guilty - indeed evidence is not required. A mere accusation - which can be manufactured on demand - suffices to damage or destroy the lives of those who outside the charmed circle.

So now I am going to be hard to convince that public figures are anything but wrongdoers - are at best sustainers and tolerators of wrongdoing.

In this era of secular leftism triumphant - where nihilism, despair and ethical inversion are the message of state, media, and educational propaganda; our modern elite constitute a rotten world. There are not many good reasons - but there are plenty of bad reasons - why somebody would want to be a part of that rotten world.