Monday, 24 October 2016

Be not afraid (and *don't* protect yourself!) - The Way of The Fool and David Icke

In this short video David Icke begins with responding to a question about whether he has bodyguards; whether he takes steps to protect himself.

The answer is no - and Icke explains why, and how this relates to his philosophy of life. I found this short discussion overall inspiring, and have watched it several times.

My feeling is that this relates to Icke spiritually living 'The Way of the Fool' -

The fear-less Fool is one who leads a 'charmed life' - and is able to speak the truth as he sees it.

Of course, The Fool also speaks a lot of 'nonsense' - but there are times (and this is one) when a peck of truth outweights a bushel of nonsense; because (as Icke says below): "They can't unhear what you have said".