Saturday, 1 October 2016

World War three imminent? The coming Western conflict of religion versus nation

I get the feeling that the Global Conspiracy's plan for World War three is being accelerated - almost to the point of absurdity - after the successful destablisation of Iraq, Egypt, Libya and now Syria.

The escalating of rhetoric and demonisation of Russia over Syria is increasingly bizzare, very obviously dishonest, and lacks any common sense motivation.

Luckily for the Conspiracy, we have (as a society) become almost unable to join the dots and see a picture; due to lacking any stable religious centre in ourselves and to the endemic distractions and distortions of the mass media - our minds are passive, constantly filled (to overflowing) with no time or energy to think.

Nonetheless, it could not be said that mass Western public opinion is even remotely persuaded of the wisdom, need for, or benefits from an international nuclear conflict - which the West is currently trying to rationalise. In terms of common sense of national interest, this seems sheer insanity - but that would be an error: there is a plan, there are reasons...

This is purposive evil with the gloves off! It does make sense in terms of a strategic plan to create a general, destructive war - and then (as with the 1914-18 and 1939-45 wars) use this as an excuse for imposing totalitarian Global government via Western, secular, Leftist multi-national agencies (League of Nations/ United Nations (WHO), NATO, European Union, the trade agreements and elite clubs &c. ) - and it does not make any other kind of sense.

All this will create a harsh conflict for Western Christians, who will be faced with a choice between national patriotism for an anti-Christian, secular Left regime; and an enemy who is explicitly Christian.

Indeed, the scenario being engineered over the long-term, looks like a contrived war between anti-Religious Inversion of The Good on one side; and the two major monotheisms - who are also (in one country after another, the The West, South Asia, Africa, the Middle east) being situated to fight each other.

(That - plus the hope of demoralization and corruption by Western doles, media, lifestyle and sexual revolution - seems likely to be the reason for systematically and ever-more-obviously (as with the planned, coordinated and funded 'refugee crisis') importing Middle Eastern conflicts into the Western nations.)

It turns out that (yet again!) over the past couple of decades the 'paranoid' conspiracy theorists (honourable mention to David Icke!) have been much more correct than the rational, sensible, educated intellectuals of The West - although the CTs have missed that the most obvious consequence of Middle Eastern conflict in the past couple of decades has been the unremarked, unmourned near-obliteration of what was previously many millions of (minority) Christians in the region. I don't know what exactly has happened to them - but apparently (and I had this from a direct source) they have gone.


Note: My above analysis is naturally very conjectural - given my lack of direct knowledge. It is based on the chronic feeling engendered by the public mass media announcements (and recurrent military aggressions) of the dominant elites; in particular the astonishing sight of leading Western politicians and officials (who are the hosts, servants and puppets of the personages of purposive evil) making repeated, relentless, wild and lying accusations against Russia ('Putin') and China; subverting and threatening them in ever cruder fashion (both being countries that are undergoing massive and sustained Christian revivals). As I said; Western Christians are potentially going to find themselves fighting to destroy nascent Christianity on behalf of moral inversion and (increasingly explicitly) in a crusade further to advance the sexual revolution to include the whole world.

On The Positive Side (being hopeful, not succumbing to despair) - Western capability across the board is declining so very fast (due to many factors discussed passim on this blog and my books) that it will be increasigly difficult for the Global Conspiracy to achieve its goals, the more time elapses. This may be one reason for the frantic, reckless urgency of their current behaviour. Delay is our friend, at least in this limited sense; and worth working-for.