Sunday 8 December 2019

If the Apocalyptic power grab (by totalitarian bureaucracy) really is coming soon; what should I do? Prepare spiritually...

I wrote the other day that it seems - from the rhetoric of the Global Establishment, their servants and pawns; that the Apocalypse is coming on a timescale of months.

In other words, that (apparently) there will soon be an engineered crisis that will be used to justify a power grab and a qualitative (and, it is intended, irreversible) move toward totalitarian world government operating by a single, linked-and-converged bureaucracy.

If so, then what?

Well, what must be done, must be done by individuals - specifically by me and by you - because if we wait for groups or institutions to decide to do something, nothing will be done because all are corrupted or too weak. All the strong institutions are corrupted, all the uncorrupted institutions are too weak to stop the Apocalypse - and that is why it is coming Now.

So what should we do, you and I?

The answer is very simple: prepare spiritually.

Not to prevent the Apocalypse, because we can't. They have power to collapse the world economy and developed societies; and to perform innumerable major atrocities such as war, famine, epidemic...

What we can do is decide and resolve how we personally will react when it comes - what we will do and what we will not. Because, no man is an island, and no Good action, nothing derived from love of God and Neighbour, from faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour - including our thoughts - will lack general effect.

I think this is the vital matter. 'Actions' include inner actions, include our real, active, free thinking. At the ultimate and most-real level we aren't isolated minds; but are instead all Children of God, therefore with 'a bit of god' in each of us and linked together by the Holy Ghost.

We must recognise that Apocalypse is a spiritual war, and all else is secondary; the stakes are damnation.

Even if the world-as-we-know-it is brought-to-its-knees, yet if we ourselves do not embrace damnation, then we have won.

That is one thing (The one thing) we can certainly do; and it is the basis of any other Good thing we might do; such as, by our love, helping to save one or more others from damnation.


Mike A. said...

2nd Nephi 10:23-24 in the Book of Mormon comes to mind:

"Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves—to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, reconcile yourselves to the will of God, and not to the will of the devil and the flesh; and remember, after ye are reconciled unto God, that it is only in and through the grace of God that ye are saved"

Bruce Charlton said...

@Mike. Yes. Pride drives the rejection of grace, a refusal to be grateful. Everlasting death is chosen by those who hate the idea of living in God's creation, prefer to be cut off from the given divine and dwell forever as spirit in a self-created/ imagined
tiny solipsistic world.