Sunday 29 December 2019

Leftists always project - and so does nearly everybody, because nearly everyone is inside The System - all the time

Perhaps the most important insight anyone can have in these times, is to realise that The System is one and includes (to varying degrees, but qualitatively includes) all institutions, corporations, organised groups - all formal organisation of significant size, power, wealth.

Mainstream politics - which is very-nearly-all of politics - operates on the basis of false projections against Them; a false distinction between Us and Them - when the reality is that US and Them (all of the Uses and Thems) are part of the same System with the same, evil, overal objectives. (That is, demonic objectives - the goal of encouraging damnation of souls.)

Projection is the flipside of unconsciousness, of blindness about oneself - which is why it is so deadly an evil. Projection and self-blindness are the same thing; two sides of the sin called Pride - that is unrepentance, resentment.

Examples abound - the 'cynic' who sees through to the selfishness under all purported altruism, and who works as a well-paid functionary for the bureaucratic implementation of evil. All talented cynics sell-out, usually to become managers; in a complementary fashion - all successful managers are cynics - by their cynicism (pride) these are armoured against insight and repentance.

This pride is the root of modern zeal in the cause of nihilism; by these self-serving divisions into Us and Them - and the infinite dangers of Them which require and justify the extremes of repression.

Yet They are Us - not only psychologically, but in terms of actual functionality and organisation  - all Uses and Thems converge at the top to the exact same group of individuals. As a person rises through the layers of hierarchy, he comes together with the upper echelons of those who he previously considered Them - until the new Us becomes the people at the top, and the new Them is - everybody else in the world.

So long as we are in The System Us and Them are all that is; and the only motivation is to enhance the situation of Us at the expense of Them - it's a zero-sum game of hedonism: the game of Hell.

Anybody can, of course, step outside of The System and the closed hedonic world of Us and Them; but only by knowing and loving Jesus Christ and believing in (wanting, having faith in and hoping-for) his promises.

Then the whole, world, The System itself, is captured by God's great work of loving creation and transformed (as we ourselves will be transformed) into participation in everlasting 'play' (learning and making) of Heavenly Life Eternal - starting now.

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