Tuesday 3 December 2019

Secret Christians - The future of Christian churches in a totalitarian bureaucratic world

We can already see what must be set aside by any church, if it is to remain truly Christian rather than simply being assimilated to The Borg of mainstream, global, bureaucratic, totalitarian (and increasingly transhumanist) demonic Leftism.

Recent and increasing deplatformings and withdrawals of service, and the implementation of employment laws, codes of practice and service etc; means that all the formal organisational aspects of churches will become impossible - unless the church yields to the imperatives of leftist bureaucracy.

For example, no organisation that receives any funding or charitable status will be able to be anti-abortion; no organisation will be able to employ and pay people (e.g. as priests) without conforming to regulations about sexual and racial quotas and inclusions; training of priests will be subject to the constraints of all secular educational institutions; church offices will need to comply with the leftist agenda about hostile or exclusionary workplaces; within-church interactions must comply with the prevalent anti-Christian/ anti-white apparatus of 'hate' crimes; no organisation with accounts will be able to avoid 'quality assurance' practices that embody leftist assumptions; no buildings or rooms can be owned, used or hired if they do not conform to the codes of practice and mission statements of those who control them (including fire regulations, health and safety etc); no large or regular assembly of people will be allowed when these are regarded as contributing to the possibility of civil disorder (including by those - such as 'antifa' - threatening to invade or harass them); no groups will be allowed that can be represented as a conspiracy towards racial supremacy, patriarchy, hatred of QWERTY people or immigrants, or people of other-religions or no-religion - or to the overthrow of the present order (e.g. by working towards Zion or the Second Coming); and the Bible is already regarded as a text of hatred - and dissemination, speaking or teaching from the Bible is already restricted in public places and teaching situations - so presumably the possession of unbowdlerised-left-noncompliant scriptures will soon be forbidden...

In sum, real Christian churches as formal institutions will become impossible.

If a church remains a normal institution that employs people or uses money, gets any grants or tax exemptions, uses buildings to gather large groups, uses written or internet or social media, uses financial tools and accounting - then it will (sooner rather than later) be compelled into the demonic agenda. It will be converged: absorbed by The Borg*.

And all this will be enforced by the vastly increased mechanisms of omni-surveillance and micro-control; so that even a few people meeting may be known, and quite possibly filmed or recorded.

So Christians will need to become secret, and so will churches.

All relations among Christians, within or between churches, will need to become personal, verbal, and probably encoded (with changing codes); assemblies will be small or deniable (eg. within families - if families are permitted).

The only 'thing' that can hold-together churches under such circumstances is... Love. There will be no help from law, habit or social pressure. Churches will have to be based-upon, grow-from, pure Love - or there will be nothing.

And this, presumably, is our test - in these Latter Days, these End Times... Things are coming to a point at which the primary issue of this mortal life becomes crystal clear; and the choice for or against God becomes stark and unavoidable.

*This is why the process of evil works from the top downwards; why modern institutions (including churches) nowadays always rot starting with the head - that is, with those interacting most with the surrounding bureaucracies. This is the nature of the type of evil dominant in this era: the Ahrimanic. This is the regular pattern of corruption of which people in churches need to be aware. 

Note: In reality - this is one possible extreme which may or may not be reached - but so long as the current World Order continues, there will be incremental and irreversible movement towards this situation. 
It is well to be prepared.


Francis Berger said...

Coincidentally enough, I was thinking about this all day before I read this post. I happened to scan the 2019 General Election statement issued by Catholic bishops in the UK. I found the statement to be a discordant and somewhat bizarre blend of Christian and leftist concerns and virtues.

I imagine it is only a matter of time before the Christian virtues disappear altogether and are forever eclipsed by leftist buzzwords focusing exclusively on things like climate change, human rights, and xenophobia.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Perhaps this is part of the reason for the “Masonic” elements in Mormonism. The necessary apparatus for going underground and becoming a secret society is already in place should the need arise.

Bruce Charlton said...

@WmJas - I think many features of Mormonism are indeed well suited to being a secret church; but I would not have picked out the specific Masonic aspects - which seem too easy to detect, at least in the modern world. For example, dedicated Temples would be impossible, and specifically identifiable features - baptismal fonts, symbolic pictures and standard symbols - would be a give-away. But the principle of 'initiation', and also that nearly all men are priests, and that priesthood does not entail formal public qualifications; that family is the primary unit of organisation... these and other aspects make Mormonism well suited to survive covertly. There was also the (not that long ago) experience of the late 1800s at the ending of polygamy, when church assets were confiscated by the State, to use as a guide.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - What is interesting about the Roman Catholic example is that the convergence of the church has happened without anything significant in the rules and regulations. 'On paper' hardly anything has changed (since Vatican II), but in practice, a great deal.

It truns out that rules and regulations (and rights and protections - including national constitutions) only have a very temporary value when the ruling Establishment turn against them. The law is immoral and counter-productive (as already, increasingly, in the UK) unless the men who administer it are moral and just.

Space said...

If there ever was the thinnest line of redemption for the Catholic Church it may be its complete legal independence via its Corporation Sole. It will however need to address its corruption and internal demonic infiltration which includes the Pope.

…The Holy See or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holy Roman Catholic Church

Chent said...

Bruce, you are so right that I am going to translate your post for my family.

I feel really sad. I never was the best Christian. Even in the best of times, being Christian is really hard for me.

As a Catholic, the six years of this Pope have convinced me that we live in the End Times. I am not made of heroic stuff but a heroic age of persecution is coming, whether I want it or not. Unlike the persecution in Roman times, this time we will persecuted by outside amd inside the Church

Jared said...

Interesting post. In my own faith, in the LDS Church, there are certain indications in the scriptures that the prophet will never lead the church astray and that the church will continue to the second coming of Christ. It remains to be seen what the details which will bring that to pass will be.
I was talking with an experienced member of the church a couple Sundays ago and he said something which meant to me: There is pressure from the world on the church, and sometimes the church has to do something about it. That's why we have a prophet, to make those inspired decisions.