Thursday 12 December 2019

What might today's general election tell us?

Most likely it will leave things uncertain; which is not surprising considering what it actually is. But some significant results are possible: the most significant of which would, I think, be a massive abstention - a very low proportion of votes cast; representing a recognition that the people have seen through the whole business of general elections, voting, 'democracy' as it has become.

This as a consequence of the blatant fakery of having an election triggered by the ongoing (successful) bipartisan policy not to deliver Brexit; being continued by an election not allowing anybody actually to vote in favour of Brexit (by which I mean a real 'no deal' leaving of the EU rather than a fake Brexit-in-name-only, which is the only possibility 'on offer').

The degree to which the entirety of the ruling Establishment has been willing to sacrifice everybody-else over the past three and a half years, means that voting as a choice between the uni-Establishment is not just futile, but harmful. Of course, I believe that all voting is harmful; but to come to a realisation that elections between all-bad candidates ought not to be participated-in is a step in the right direction.

So, the value of this election might be as an indicator of the mass of British opinion on The Ruling Establishment, in general. Or it might be - as the election campaign has been - 'business as usual' - ie. incremental descent into evil-motivated totalitarianism. 

The trouble is that - as nearly-always - things can only get better via at first getting worse (otherwise they already would be better). But it is difficult to imagine Britain voting or beginning to live in light of that fact.

So, we shall see - or not; as the case may be.

Note added: I am taking it for granted that this will be the most corrupt, most 'fixed' election ever in the UK; and that that fact will continue to remain unremarked, undiscussed. Certainly The Establishment don't seem to be at all worried. I think, after three years of messing around with the masses, They are getting pretty confident about the gullibility, the manipulability, of the modern Brits; confident that They can get away with, pretty much, anything - more and more openly and explicitly. Unless I am surprising in some surprising way - if this election goes according to Their plans, then it will be the inflexion point - the point-of-no-return in a political sense (and perhaps also a spiritual sense - which is what matters); the nature of which will unfold swiftly over the first months of next year: 2020... Although I personally am not a numerologist, They seem to be, and one suspects that this will be a significant, long-planned year for Them.  


Anonymous said...

I like the way they vote in Appenzell, like a New England town meeting, but with ceremonial swords. But maybe only the Swiss could pull this sort of thing off.


David said...

I assume you hold out no hope for the tory claim of we will leave EU/Brexit by Jan 21st - no if's, ands or buts?! I have a feeling that was claimed for October deadline...but this time will be different of course...

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - No. My overwhelming impression is - Nothing Has Changed - business as usual.

The conservatives had three and a half years to do Brexit, and instead blocked it. BJ is a man of zero principle, a puppet for those who regard Brexit-in-name-only as the best way forward. Did you notice how the Establishment covertly supported the Conservatives in the past weeks/ months? Mostly by piling-in against Corbyn with this ridiculous antisemitism nonsense. A real Brexit will never happen so long as the present gang (of all parties) are 'in charge'; and the British just turned out in droves to endorse the current system. I think it extremely probable that the nation will continue to sleepwalk into the totalitarian damnation prepared for us - that's what the UK just voted for, after all.