Friday 22 May 2020

Is this the most boring era in world history?

Well, no - this (here, now) is actually one of the most interesting times ever (if your purpose is to understand, if your motivation is to fight the evil); but you would never know that from what the great mass of people are saying and doing. 

All day, everyday - conversation and public discourse is about the birdemic. Work is about the birdemic (planning, responding, reacting). Leisure is about the birdemic - you can't encounter another person without being reminded, without reminding each other by word or deed.

The monomania was boring at the beginning, but after several months it has become paralysing.

Because who cares about the labile opinions of ignorant liars, dupes and cowards on the subject of respiratory viruses? Not I.  

It's not about the virus; it never was about the virus; and it is not going to be about the virus in the (totalitarian, materialistic, omni-surveillance and micro-control) future that is planned for us all.

If the birdemic is to be the sole subject of conversation, writing, living - and if all birdemic  communication is to be restricted to the lies and tyrannies of the Establishment and the media - then I'd rather not join-in - thanks very much.

Birdemic interaction is a kind of test; each person saying in effect: "I'm an controlled zombie parrotting the program - are you like me? Are you one of us?"

Social distancing will soon be redundant, since if the only permitted subject matter is the official story about the birdemic, there will be no valid purpose for society, nor reward for engaging in human interaction.

On the other hand, if we use our divine power of free thinking; then this whole thing is incredibly interesting and stunningly important.

To be living and thinking during the most successful (because largest, and largely invisible) evil coup in the history of the world - what a privilege!

So much to learn, to understand, to know! So much to do!


Jacob Gittes said...

I was just out in Montana to camp in the Badlands. Beautiful there.
Anyway, it would seem that in Montana, life goes on almost pre-birdemic. It was quite jarring, but welcome.
Of course, there are the more educated and "in-time" with the evil system types who are outliers there, but in general, it was interesting to see that reality can really diverge so much on a material level.
To see kids on bikes in the street together. Old men chatting over coffee or beer, not social distancing. It's almost like a force field must exist around certain areas.

The virus thing is so boring that I almost go into some kind of fugue state when I hear it discussed on the radio or TV (which is rarely, and only if someone else has it on).

If reality and people were as I thought they were, how could anyone tolerate constant chatter about ONE single subject, constantly, day and and day out, without just having some kind of mental break?

Bruce Charlton said...

@B - That is the kind of question we should not waste our time on - how the heck could anyone know who lacked specific genuine expertise, clinical experience, and honesty - as well as specific motivation? (This combination is extremely rare - and maybe no single person alive fulfils the criteria.) No real therapeutic discovery has ever been made via the mass media.

lgude said...

Yes, I've been noticing that I've become bored - even though it is clear enough at age 77 with a compromised heart that I would probably blow a gasket if I got it. But so what? I've already exceeded my 3 score and ten and have to die in any case. Still, I do find myself interested by the times we live in for exactly the reasons you give. Evil is well and truly on the loose and a great upheaval is underway, but whether I watch it from this life or the next is not up to me. I think we have passed this way before and I have a newfound appreciation for Augustine's long embrace of Manichaeism - one could easily see the current struggle between good and evil as equally balanced in the absence of our connection to God.