Tuesday 26 May 2020

More on how to fight and beat The System

More about how to fight evil, when evil is a System...

Be consciously intuitive - that is, practice bringing to awareness your innermost thoughts, the thinking of your real, true and divine self.

(This is our prime task, as Christians, in this modern era.) 

The aim is that your intellect, instinct and will should serve (not over-ride and dictate above) these deepest and true-est motivations.

This isn't easy; because you have probably spent a great deal of practice and effort in living by 'will-power' which means basing your thinking on perceptions (inputs) and memories (recorded inputs), both of which can be (are being) controlled. Controlled, that is, by The System.

Meanwhile your real-true-divine self is in-there, thinking-away... but being ignored, denied, crushed.

So, this means reliance of 'providence', not planning.

We need to walk, without fear, into the darkening, hostile world; knowing it for what it is, but always aware  

It means being like Frodo and Sam in their quest into and through Mordor. Dealing with each situation as best they could, as it arose; and constantly struggling (and from time to time succeeding) to see through and beyond the environment of demonic control, orkish cruelty, and arid vileness - to the love, beauty, creation and goodness beyond and above. (For Christians - resurrected life eternal in Heaven) 


William Wildblood said...

Very well said. Could I just add as a comment that intuition will often be pressured to compromise but that pressure should be resisted even if it makes you appear to the worldly mind a bad or mad person. The opposite temptation is pride in going it alone and being one of the few to stand against worldly evil but that is another trap which we should be aware of. It's the old story of having to steer carefully through two opposing evils.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Ideally we steer-between and -through.

In practice, under pressure of time etc. we *will* make mistakes - and then the main thing is that we acknowledge these mistakes, and repent them. Our later intuition will identify where previous ideas were not true intuitions, where we ('deliberately') mistook rationalisation, hedonism or passivity for intuition.

It is terribly hard to live by intuition (especially when, as usual, it goes against the mainstream ideas) - and often we are compelled (or required) to construct fake reasons to rationalise intuition; and since these are fake, they seem pretty feeble!

Intuition itself requires a belief in God, and probably only a particular understanding of the Christian God makes real sense of the goodness of intution - otherwise it becomes blended-with instinct, gut-feelings and impulses; which makes intuition into something merely selfish, short-termist, pleasure-seeking.

I spent a long time clarifying for myself the nature of intuition (with help from Arkle and Steiner especially - the process of which was spread across this blog) before I felt confident about it.

Anonymous said...

This view gives me hope. Orwell wrote along the same lines, about the mind being the only refuge from Big Brother. He wasn't a Christian, though (or spiritual at all), so his worldview was lacking in that sense, though he was right on with most of his predictions.