Saturday 16 May 2020

Where should we look-for God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Ghost?

My belief is that we find God the Father in creation - in the continuous-process of creation.

Jesus Christ is present in our mortal lives, everywhere and at all times as the Holy Ghost.

If we seek 'evidence' for God the Father, we should regard creation. We may (albeit intermittently and briefly) apprehend dynamic, poetic creating - living Beings all around, conscious, purposive. This may be seen, heart, felt and known; not abstractly but as living experience. 

Evidence for the reality of Jesus Christ comes when we experience the presence of the Holy Ghost, here-and-now, and all around us. This is confirmed when we need and receive guidance, encouragement and comfort; as a result of communicating in 'telepathic' thought, from shared thinking, direct knowing.  

It would seem fitting that we would turn to our Father (with complete trust, knowing his love for us) when creation is concerned; the shaping of the world, incidents and actions (including miracles).

The Holy Ghost is more like an elder brother, protector, mentor, teacher, philosopher, wise advisor...

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