Saturday 12 December 2020

The Great Clarification. Sleepers, wake!

I suspect that the main benefit of these times, and especially this annus horribilis of 2020; would be if the events awaken those who are sleepwalking to self-chosen damnation. These are those who can (perhaps) be saved, those for whom 'events' might be significant.

(Whereas those who have consciously and deliberately chosen evil are beyond such stimuli.)

So we are experiencing what might be termed a Great Clarification - when that which was covert has become overt; when the 'conspiracy theories' are coming out-of-hiding, displaying themselves proudly and nakedly, exposing their alliances, and shouting their formerly secret agendas of destruction.  


I am not saying that those who still sleep are blameless; because to remain asleep now is cupable. Sleeping through the Great Clarification takes some doing! And it does not happen unless people are determined Not-to Awake. 

They fear to awaken, because of dreading what they will find. 

To recognise that the ruling-class, the Global Establishment (politics, government, law, education, the mass media) are all One System, a monobloc; and that unitary System is so very grossly-dishonest, and  acts as if dedicated to the destruction of civilization, is indeed a terrifying prospect. 

The contrast between official reality and experienced, observed, common-sense reality has widened as never before.  

It seems to me that only strong faith in the loving, personal God known by Christians, and the prospect of resurrected eternal life through following Jesus Christ; could even potentially overcome such massive cause for fear.


Lacking which, it is unsurprising (although still culpable) that so many choose to dream the Big Lie; to live by faith in the Global Establishment (including, as it does, the mainstream self-identified Christian churches) - rather than in light of their direct and personal knowledge of God, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. 

This is time for the sleepers to wake




James said...

BTW a lovely excuse for some Bach: if I may be lighthearted, can I see your "Wachet auf" and raise you a "Schlummert ein" :-)

Phillip Jaroussky:

P.S. I was one of the sleepers. Perhaps instead of (futilely, and despairingly) attempting to persuade people of what is before their eyes, I should just send them a recording of "Wachet auf"!

Charlie said...

Wow. This is a great post. Sleepers, wake! This one should be shared far and wide.


Charlie said...

Another thing that has been revealed this year is the psychology of conformity and fear. It is not enough for members of the herd to falsely comfort themselves that the farmer means them no harm. In their fear and shame, they also want to enforce their false beliefs on others.

Many of my friends and acquaintances are wittingly or unwittingly doing the work of their masters by putting out feelers, litmus tests. "I can't WAIT for the vaccine, how about you?"

These are healthy people who obviously sense deep down that they are in no danger from germs. But they are signalling conformity, compliance, a willingness to go along to get along.

They flatter themselves that this makes them good citizens, but they sense, at least subconsciously, that they are going along with big lies out of weakness and fear.

And they sense, at least subconsciously, that there is something shameful about this. But if they can pressure EVERYONE to join them in acquiescing to the lies, then their own shame will be less. Brave dissenters are hated because they reveal the cowards to themselves.

This is how useful idiots become the most intense enforcers of big lies. This is how communists end up denouncing their own families. It's driven partly by shame.

Here's a relevant quote: In the movies, people get angry when people lie.  In real life, people get angry when people tell the truth.  

The other dynamic, obviously, is that these people have fallen too far from Christ. They lack the courage that Christian belief can provide. Or worse, they try to fill the God-shaped hole in their hearts with "faith in the Global Establishment."

There's one last dynamic, which is a cheap media-inculcated snobbishness among the upper middle class. They've created a caricature of Christians, "flyover-country redneck creationist simpletons." And they flatter themselves that it's their "intellectual superiority" which drives their faith in Global Establishment pronouncements about "Climate," "Covid," etc.

Here's another great quote:  "Self-destructive propaganda is a weapon made precisely for use against the moderately intelligent.  High IQs either create it or dismiss it, while dullards haven't the imagination to be moved by it.  But find an eager bloat of semi-bright suburbanites....and they are doomed."

But of all the various causes of big lie acceptance and enforcement: fear, shame, status-seeking, conformity, etc., lack of Christian belief is of course the biggest problem. Because without Christian belief people lack the strength to overcome the base psychological urges that tempt them to embrace the big lies.

Luckily, moving closer to God is doable! Sleepers, wake!