Monday 14 December 2020

My November 2019 Apocalypse (?) prophecy

For those who don't remember it; on 27 November 2019, I (sort-of) predicted this year's apocalypse, a few months ahead...

".. what is aimed-at - what is supposed to be the 'answer' to these created problems, is a total system of surveillance and control; funded by a massive shift to replace the current technological infrastructure with a new generation of self-styled 'smart', 'green' and 'sustainable' technologies - AI, 5G and so forth... 

The interesting aspect is the sheer urgency. There is a very obvious attempt to create a worldwide sense of emergency, of imminent cataclysm, of terrible things that are Just About To Happen... unless, we hand over complete power to the Establishment (preferably the-day-after-tomorrow, or quicker). 

And this handover - this Power Grab by the Global Establishment - is being aimed-at Very Soon; on a timescale of months, not years..."


So it it true that I did feel this coming. But I freely admit that I did not see this kind of thing happening which actually has happened. I did not think that there could be a global totalitarian coup and that almost nobody would notice! 

And I did not suppose it could happen with near zero resistance. 


And I did not think that the end of civilization would be caused by one of the four (apocryphal) horsemen of the Apocalypse being fake-Pestilence! 

Real famine, real war, real plague... yes, I could imagine those alright...

But for the 2020 scenario to be based-on what is functionally nothing... Nope, that was beyond my powers of fantasy. 


That is pretty much what I feel about the actuality of 2020: I simply can't believe it! 

Yet, Here It Is. If it had not actually happened, it would have seemed not just implausible, but impossible. 

Yet, Here It Is. 


William Wildblood said...

We knew that those in the Establishment lie so much they are no longer even aware they are lying. Politicians, the media, big business etc. Lies, lies, lies. I didn't realise how easily science could also be co-opted into the lie though you have been making this very point for some time.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Well I do have the advantage of knowing this from the inside and personally!

A medicore but hard-working sold-out technician can go a long way, right to the top, in 'science' by saying/doing what They want said and done (I have known dozens of examples among my colleagues); and even a brilliant and creative real-scientist (and I know at least a few of these) will be halted and/or expelled from professional regard by insisting on truth-seeking and truth-speaking.

David Stanley said...

Many of us cannot talk about our fears with friends and family without abuse and ridicule. I find myself self censoring and unsure of who I am. There is a sort of freedom in having an opinion no one wants hear but it is depressing to realise how little esteem which which one is held.

Doktor Jeep said...

Real apocalypse is "fake and gay", apparently.

David Earle said...

@David, I find most people, self-proclaimed Christians alike, are incapable of viewing the world spiritually or just don't want to. When I do express opinions, I might get mislabeled as a Republican (I have to remind them that we're in Canada and that I really don't care much for politics).

People want to fit you into a box and many just think the way the Mass Media has trained them to think. It's all rather fascinating and boring at the same time.

Most people I talk to aren't afraid of the virus nor the government (or so they claim). They are just doing what they've been told, because they've aligned themselves with the "Mass Media" (which has replaced common sense and gut-feelings) which so-far as they can tell is honest and "good", and in alignment with most everybody else around them which they'd like to fit in with.

Bruce's post on "Courage" from earlier this summer comes to mind and has been helpful to me:

Bruce Charlton said...

@David S - That is why the mass majority believe the way they do - i.e. believe the Big Lies/ fail the Litmus Tests; because there is a real price to pay for thinking otherwise.

This is why trust in God and Hope of Eternal Life are indispensable in these testing times.

Of course, throughout history, this has been the situation for many religious minorities. Yet, such minorities that survived were tight knit and mutually supportive, even when a tiny minority.

Now and Here is perhaps the first time when this kind of cohesive group support has been almost wholly lacking for serious Christians, of whatever type. Now, many serious Christians are pretty much on their own - and All the significant social groups (including the few, small, rapidly-weakening groups of self-identified church 'Christians') will be against them.

Ranger said...

I not only rememver this prophetic post, I also remember thinking "hmm, sounds far-fetched, but Bruce is a wise man; I'll wait and see and keep an eye out for it"
Then, when the Birdemic came, partly due to that post, I could tell from the first what was going on and that, whether the virus was real or not, the response to it was certainly demonic-inspired.

Josh said...

Plagues & rumors of plagues.

Avro G said...

I think most people neither believe nor disbelieve the lies. They do what they have to to keep their lives going. They have families and bills to pay and are almost always massively in debt. So they go along to get along. Resisting or even showing the slightest sign of cynicism is, in many workplaces, to court trouble with "HR." In the current economy no one can afford to be cavalier about getting black marks on his record. Unless he doesn’t mind seeing his family fall into penury.

A few days back I was snapped at by a crop-haired lesbian security guard where I work for not wearing my mask despite her having barged into my closed area where I am entitled to not wear the God-damned thing. I told her this and she snapped, "Who told you that?!" I replied, "There was an email sent out…" "From who?!" she barked. Finally she finished her business and left. Today I noticed the same charming person glaring at me through two glass doors pointing out that my mask was down again. I smiled and put it in place whereupon she continued to glare for several seconds more. Later, my supervisor, who fortunately regards the whole "pandemic" with contempt, came by to tell me that the security gal had notified HR of my violation.

So I've been informed on by a two-bit commissar in a rent a-cop costume. Now, what am I going to do? Lie in wait for her with a lead pipe as Solzhenitsyn once fantasized about doing to the secret police? No. The game is arranged such that there are no rational moves but to comply. Thus does the state war on its own people. And there are many who are very happy to follow and enforce the nonsense rules simply for the chance it affords them to lord it over others. Their mask is their Nazi arm band. They wear it as a badge of dominance then bully others into wearing it, too.

So I play whatever stupid games I have to play to keep my family fed and housed and, in my off hours, stay away from public places where masks are required. I await the next shoe to drop which will be the notification that in order to continue working we will need to get vaxxed. Or not. Take your pick. Evil days.

Ugh said...

I live in the Minneapolis-St Paul area and amid the Covid weirdness among the ruling class we were ground zero for the social unrest that plagued America this summer. I was already shaken by the reaction to Covid and the sheep-like response by my family and friends when violent rioting and looting invaded my vicinity. After 4 or 5 days of it I was completely baffled by the authorities who just let it continue without response. I kept saying to anyone who would listen "what is wrong with these people" - meaning the state and local government, the rioters I understood. Never in my wildest imagination would I believe the authorities would standby and tacitly endorse looting, robbery and arson without acting. Now, however, reading your words has put some light to it. A breakdown of the old order being necessary to usher in their sick, demented, unholy plans. God help us all.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Avro - You maybe need to reflect on the fact that a slave can be a Christian - that is, someone whose actions are dictated in every respect (or else death) can be (often was) a Christian. Of course, there may come a point where death should be accepted rather than compliance.

But the point God is creating the world and shaping your circumstances, and *your* mortal life is for you to learn-from.

You are not expected to be perfect neither is the world (pretty obviously neither you, nor the world, are 'designed' - by God - to be able to attain perfection: so that can't be the point of living).

You are responsible for what you are able to do - which is primarily to be able to think, discern, make value judgments... But not to be able to resist by your actions the pressure of The System, nor to be able to change the System for the better.

You have guidance from God within you (that in you which is divine) and from the Holy Ghost - personally-tailored gidance based on love - and these will tell you what specifically you need to be doing in your exact situation. Generic checklists and guidelines are more likely to do harm than good if followed without intuitive confirmation.

Avro G said...

You are right. The Lord Himself suffered and He never promised US a rose garden, either. It is ours to see and understand the worldly powers and, with the guidance of His Holy Spirit, to trust and obey our Heavenly Sovereign come what may. There is no King but Christ.