Monday 28 December 2020

Who is to blame for the abusive evil of 2020? Is anyone innocent?

First we need to acknowledge that the evil of 2020 has indeed been an abusive evil; which has had essentially zero to do with 'real life' biology and medicine. 

The evil of 2020 is what persons chose to do to other persons. 

We might therefore think of 2020 as an archetypal abusive 'family'; consisting of:

1. Abusive parent 

2. Enabling parent

3. Innocent children. 


First the innocents. There are genuinely-innocent people, especially young children. 

The only innocents of 2020 are indeed actual children; and also those whose mental development, knowledge, cognition etc. is 'young-child like' - such that they are not even aware of the fact of their innocence. 

(Conversely, anybody who claims to be innocent, is not.)

The innocents are free from all blame for 2020.


The person primarily to blame for abusive evil is the abusing parent

In fairytales this is often a step-mother, in modern times an abusive step-father or 'boyfriend' - the natural, biological mother's sexual partner. 

(These archetypes recognise that (non-insane) abusers of young children are nearly always those without a long term (and biological) relationship with the abused children. This, because biological relatedness and long-term relationship are the strongest known motivators of genuine altruism and support.)

The abusing parent corresponds with the Global Establishment - that covert, totalitarian world government who successfully launched an international coup early in 2020. 

It is the Global Establishment who devised, inflicted and rationalised permanent prison-lockdowns nearly everywhere; then implemented the mandatory regimes of socially-disintegrating, psychologically-destructive 'distancing' and 'masking'.

They also banned, suppressed or actively-ruined the world economy, trade and travel; almost the entirety of culture (religion, arts, sports, and human conviviality) and crippled everything else that was 'allowed' to continue.

Clearly; the Global Establishment are the primary abusers - and are most to blame for 2020.

But what of the masses of the world? 

The masses would like to claim innocence - and indeed do claim innocence at the drop of a hat. 

"Don't blame me! I'm just following advice, science, the law, the experts. I'm just obeying orders. How can I know, how can I judge? It's not My fault!"

But the masses are the enablers of abuse. 

They are those pathologically-dependent natural parents who accept their own abuse, 'do not notice' the abuse of their children, lie to conceal the real causes of misery, wounds and deaths - and always make excuses for the abuser and continuing abuse.

Thus; the masses are complicit in the evil of 2020; the masses have been essential to enabling the introduction, increase and continuation of global, systemic evil.  


whitney said...

Of all my friends, family, and acquaintances I only know one other person who thinks what's happening is suspect and sinister. In varying degrees, every single other person is on board. It's overwhelming and disheartening. I don't even think it's possible to convince anyone anymore. Though I did have some success with pointing out that the term "locked-down" was never used outside of a prison until last year. The person I said it to did pause but then said they wanted the vaccine. I could have overstated my success

Monomachos said...

Isn't "rendering unto Caesar" just another way of saying "enabling Caesar"?

Bruce Charlton said...

@M - No!


But I don't see the relevance either way...

lgude said...

As an American I am quite aware that our founders were very familiar with Roman history and wanted to avoid the kind of corruption of masses in the late Roman Empire that generally falls under the heading of "Bread and Circuses'. In a word "distractions", as in Bruce's book, Addicted to Distraction. That we live today in a non stop media circus keeps people so distracted they don't notice they are submitting to an all pervasive tyranny. Having a cellphone is actually paying to impose a Panopticon on oneself. I know a serious Buddhist monk who has recently got rid of his and that makes me wonder if I am prepared to do the same. I put a Western Australian government app on my phone yesterday that makes it easier to check into public venues by scanning a QR Code. Complicit? - yes I am. On the other hand the apparently successful suppression of the populist outbreak of 2016 is to me only the overture. The end of the beginning. The vast majority are just now quite relieved that those of us who actually say out loud that the emperor has no clothes, have been kicked to the curb. I don't think they will notice that something is wrong until they run out of money - economic collapse being to my mind the most likely intrusion of reality into la la land.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Igude - I believe that spiritual awakening must come first - and that no amount of economic/ law-and-order/ genuine-disease-caused collapse will itself lead to spiritual awakening; since the cause of collapse will be wrongly ascribed (and is, indeed difficult to pin down, since there are so many causes, operating over different timescales).

We are all prone to hoping that some *thing* which happens will lead to the needed spiritual awakening - I certainly find myself doing this repeatedly.

And yet that is backwards: things-happening cannot fix our thinking, and we can't understand 'things' until *after* we have sorted out our way of thinking.

Actually, realising this is a significant step in the right direction!

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Brilliant metaphor -- especially the bit about "not noticing" abuse, making excuses, etc.

Bruce Charlton said...


Jacob Gittes said...

Is it possible that the way it will work out is that many or most of those who are incapable of spiritual awakening will just be eliminated (by death, starvation, despair, suicide, etc.), leaving the realm to those who have a sufficient amount of spiritual awareness to not die from the stress and despair and lunacy?