Sunday 6 December 2020

How does The System impose detailed surveillance and control despite being so inefficient?

The answer is related to the fact that The System is evil (by its strategic, top-down, demonic nature); and evil is defined as oppositional to God and creation; and because the fact that The System is oppositional means that The System is always changing; always becoming more extreme


The modern System is more fully evil, more fully negative, spiteful, resentful (Sorathic) than in the past, which means that it does not even pretend to be leading towards a stable utopia (as was the case early socialists and communists, early feminists or antiracists). 

Instead, The System (now firmly in-place since the global totalitarian coup of early 2020) it is continually 'fighting-against' some-thing or another (currently mainly the birdemic, 'racism', 'climate change'; and both Christian and biologically-functional sexuality). 

And there are always new things for The System to fight - because ultimately it will fight any-thing that is Good (true, beautiful or virtuous - or indeed any-entity that is alive and conscious hence exemplifies divine creation). 


(The ultimate goal of evil is chaos - the elimination of love, the war of each against all - and the destruction of all that is divinely-created.) 


Always oppositional means always changing - changing, worsening, not by accident but by design; thus when The System is winning (as in 2020) it is rapidly becoming more-extreme on a timescale of weeks. 

It is this increasing extremity that enables The System to be effective in its work of surveillance and control; despite that The System is all-the-time undermining its own efficiency by the same means it pursues evil. 


Thus, due to poor quality manpower and bad design, The System is very bad at achieving anything near to 100 percent reliability and validity in its work of omni-surveillance and micro-control of human behaviour. 

But, when the power and scope of The System are expanding week-by-week; and when opposition to The System from the masses crumbles week-by-week - then The System is always Good Enough to achieve its purpose. 

So The System, never bothers to wait for its new systemic surveillance and control systems to be fully implemented nor to achieve effectiveness - but is always and frequently introducing new and ever-more-severe systems of surveillance and control. 


Punishments for non-compliance - including punishments disguised as rewards for compliance (as with loss of 'privileges' required for basic physical and social survival) are escalated again and again; too fast to comprehend or even know about accurately. 

The individual only knows that he lives, more and more, only at the grace and favour of The System; which has an ever-increasing arsenal of methods for detecting 'wrong-doing' (i.e. fulfilling basic human needs and Christian duties); and an ever-increasingly severe armoury of punishments. 

Currently these scale up to long term solitary confinement, de facto compulsory injections with some-thing deemed necessary by The System; and having unconstrained (and unpunished) mob violence set upon us by The System. 

But next month, or the month after, these will surely be superseded by more extreme measures; because The System is always changing, always becoming more extreme...


We live only at the grace and favour of The System; The System gets larger, more pervasive and more powerful every few weeks - so its extent now and in the future is not known. And this grace and favour can be withdrawn at any moment; for good reason or bad - or none at all.  


Evil is dynamic and insatiable - what was unnoticed a few months ago, here-and-now stands-out from the ever-more-wicked average like a beacon, shining brighter and brighter, more and more obviously. 

We cannot for long hide any Christian living, any goodness of any kind, under a bushel; when the fires of evil are burning away all that stands around us and that bushel stands-out ever-more starkly from the always-worsening devastation.   

This is how a ramshackle System, full of holes and corruptions, less and less capable; is nonetheless able effectively to control more-and-more of the whole world with each passing month.

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