Monday 15 February 2021

A difference between primary thinking and 'action'

I have been so concerned to acknowledge that primary thinking of our real and divine self is real - in the sense of having an objective (knowable by others) effect on the world - that I neglected to clarify in what way it is real. And how the reality of thinking differs from that of 'action'. 

When we take an action - do something with our bodies, or by speaking/ writing; the effects are on 'this earthly mortal world'. 

These effects of actions are therefore of the nature of this-world; being evanescent - subject to entropy. And the effects of action are known by other people via perception, from 'outside' them - via their senses and perhaps unconsciously and involuntarily. 

The effect of primary thinking is different; because it does not exist in this earthly and mortal world; but instead in a divine and eternal reality - our thoughts are therefore, in some way, permanent.

But since primary thinking is not 'located' in this earthly world; its actions are not via the sensory perceptions, and do not happen-to people unconsciously or involuntarily. 

For primary thinking to affect other people (other beings) in this earthly mortal world - these persons must consciously choose to access the divine and eternal reality. And they know this divine reality not by perceptions, but by their own primary thinking.  

Therefore, the reality of primary thinking is on the one hand more eternally real and significant than our actions; but on the other hand primary thinking does not effect the perceptible things of this world; it does not move things, or make things happen, or influence other people unconsciously or against their will. 

Instead, primary thinking happens in a potentially shared world; and affects those who participate in this shared world. 

Primary thinking is a form of divine creation - as we think, we participate in divine creation and contribute to it; but that participated creation is not happening here on earth but in 'another dimension'.

That world is the same 'dimension' to which Christians go after resurrection - it is Heaven. 

In sum, our primary thinking while we are mortals on earth has its effects in Heaven. 



Sasha Melnik said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. It's formed a new sense in me which is that, the things outside of the physical world we live in, are actually far far greater than those within it. So much so that, I think I put it in another comment.. 'the physical is but a speck of sand.'

A saying I come back to again and again is the zoroastrian one - good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

Most people (and I did too, until recently) read this thinking the thoughts are the small part. The thoughts are the greatest part of all, the deeds are merely upon the grit of sand.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Doc - I am much better at knowing when I am Not doing primary thinking, than doing it; but I can sometimes trigger it, for a while, by a kind of meditative practice I have evolved.

@Sasha - You're welcome - I'm delighted to have provided what you currently needed.