Thursday 18 February 2021

Is it A Good Thing that Civilization is purposively destroying itself?

It may be that - belatedly, after a year of its becoming blazingly obvious - more people are noticing that world civilization (led by The West) is purposively destroying itself. Indeed, there is already not much left of active Western Civilization - since it all closed or forbidden. 

This began some decades ago - or maybe longer - as evidenced by chosen sub-replacement fertility (encouraged by the sexual revolution) beginning with the upper classes and spreading downwards to include all but the most feckless and low-intelligence (plus a handful of traditionally-religious groups). 

However, the global coup of early 2020 began actively accelerating (and making compulsory) this process; such that world civilization collapse has (I believe) become inevitable on a short timescale. 

It is being more widely-noticed that the authorities seem happy for this situation to become known explicitly as what it always was: permanent. And plenty of 'normal' folk are 'cool with this' - for one reason or another (related to mass atheism and leftism).  

Given that the dominant Global Establishment have made The System (i.e. the single linked-bureaucracy: all major social institutions including the mass-social media) into a purposive agent of evil - how should we regard this strategic destruction? 

On the one hand, we need to acknowledge that the destruction of the evil-System is being done for even-more-evil reasons. In other words, this represents the take-over of Ahrimanic, partially-good, 'lawful evil' by Sorathic - wholly destructive - 'chaotic evil'

On the other hand, we can be confident that God will be making the best of a bad situation through his continuing work of create-ing this world; such that evil may be led into working against-itself. 

What was intended to promote evil may - unintentionally - tend to sabotage evil. 

But (and this is important) evil sabotaging evil does of itself not lead to Good - unless there is Good for it to lead-to.  

It is only by the existence of Good in the world, that God can work to promote further Good. 

In other words, God can take a small amount of Good, and amplify it; but does not (cannot) impose Good where only evil motivations reign. 

Thus there is every reason for the Good (i.e. those on the side of God and divine creation) to remains strong, and hold themselves in readiness. 

When collapse comes it may not (likely it will-not) be reversible; yet there may then be great opportunities for Christians to do great and permanent Good - with the invisible assistance of divine providence. 


Gary Bleasdale said...

Bruce Charlton showing his hope-ful (not optimistic) side much more vigorously and conscientously is surely a sign that we are experiencing a great and fairly sudden change in our current environment, spiritually. A qualitative change.

For the past few days I have also been feeling that whilst a continuation of the collapse (because we're already well into it, it's not "to come") into very much more palpably serious outcomes is certainly going to continue, each individual Christian (or even currently-non-Christian who is, despite that, aligned with Good - and I believe this is possible albeit vanishingly rare) has and will have the opportunity to develop in this new mileau, spiritual virtues and strengths, capacities and learnings, which would otherwise have remained merely embrionic.

Many of these will strike us as odd or mad - but that is just a matter of perspective. Many of them may be virtues which are only really becoming possible for the first time in history. Extremely exciting.

God will not leave his chosen to perish like dogs, even if it may seem that the world will suck us into that willy-nilly. The establishment, their dupes and servants, and their whole system is not even dust on the feet of God, even if from a wordly (very limited, narrow and deceitful) perspective it may seem they are almost all-powerful - that there is no escape.

We are much, much more active creators of the world than we imagine - small acts, including honest, directed thoughts and prayers, can cause great changes in ways which are hard to fathom to ordinary waking consciousness.

We as Christians must absolutely strive to avoid living in a state of "unexamined unconsiousness", of "going with the flow" - we must subject all our assumptions to honest scrutiny and then put into practice the things we know to be true, no matter how crazy it may seem (to others).

It is a very tall order, and it does really seem as though few will heed the call. But it does not take many people (quantitatively) in a world of evil, to do God's will diligently and lovingly and perseveringly, and revert what seemed to be certain annihilation. Think of Noah.

I feel deeply honoured and priviliged to have been given the chance to be part of this. May my nerve not fail, may I not "sell-out" under pressure, may the incomprehension and malice of others not cause me to compromise, may I not fall into traps and snares laid up by the adversary- may I live up to my destiny, which is a great one, as is the destiny of all those who want to follow Jesus Christ and love God with all their heart, mind and soul.

Bruce Charlton said...

GB - Good comment - thanks.

Francis Berger said...

I appreciate Gary's comment as well; especially this part "We as Christians must absolutely strive to avoid living in a state of "unexamined unconsiousness", of "going with the flow" - we must subject all our assumptions to honest scrutiny and then put into practice the things we know to be true, no matter how crazy it may seem (to others)."

A timely post. Your observation about possible good coming out of this is very important. I once remarked that just because good can come out this does not imply that this is good. Even when Christians create something good out of the hardship and suffering that is sure to intensify, they must not fall into the snare of interpreting the collapse itself as a Deus vult event.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - A good example of what you mean is war. Often evil in intent, and in overall effect; it is also clear that many people were stimulated by war to extraordinary virtue. It was often said that the war years were good for the people of Britain (despite everything) - indeed this was almost a platitude when I was a kid. You make recall that the experienced devil Screwtape was very unsure about the benefits of war for the demonic cause.