Tuesday 9 February 2021

Ahrimanic slavery or Sorathic 'freedom'? (The crux of Amazon)

This world is ruled - whether literally or symbolically - by Ahrimanic demons, those they possess, and their obedient servants. These have created an evil-directed, unitary global System of always-increasing omni-surveillance and micro-control. 

The masses are now slaves to this System - and everyone (slaves and slave-masters alike - albeit not the demonic spirits themselves) depends on the evil System to keep them alive

So, if not, then what? If not The System - what? 

The most visible and outspoken opposition to The System are Sorathic in motivation. They hate the System, they hate those who run the system and who colluded with its construction. They want to smash the System; immiserate, humiliate and kill those responsible for it. 

So The System is slavery - and to live entirely at the mercy of the Global Establishment; who are known to be evil in motivation, nature and methods. That is one choice. 

Or there is freedom...

The Sorathic constitute most of the 'freedom' fighters of today; both on the 'anarchic' Left, and on the 'secular Right' - and their appeal comes from the fact that the major constraint on human freedom is indeed The System. 

The rationale is that anyone who supports The System is on the side of the Ahrimanic demons; and so they call upon people to attack, sabotage and 'fight' The System, and all those who serve it.

Think of the organization Amazon. One of the wealthiest and most powerful corporations in the world; whose rulers are a part of the Global Establishment; who are among the architects and administrators of Ahrimanic evil... 

Yet an organization upon-whom hundreds of millions of people depend, day-by-day, to stay alive. 

If we support Amazon - we support Ahrimanic evil. Yet if we aim to destroy Amazon, we will be working to initiate a sin-driven social maelstrom which would suck to destruction much of the world. 

This is the choice as presented to the masses. Support the Ahrimanic evil of slavery; or become a Sorathic 'freedom fighter' working to pull-down and explode The System - leading to a world of rapid mega-death

Sorathic-freedom is a fast-track to chaos - and chaos is the opposite of God's creation. 

And (in a world of seven-plus billions) chaos is a world of accelerating-spiraling down into starvation, mutual lethal violence; and mass (real) plagues, poisoning, and untreated trauma and disease - on a scale vastly greater (a thousand-fold greater) than anything ever seen in world history.  

Sorathic destruction presents itself as freedom from the prospect of being incrementally dehumanized and spiritually-crushed by escalating Ahrimanic slavery. But that freedom is rooted in sin. 

Sorathic freedom is motivated by psychopathic (love-less) loathing, fear, resentment, and despair.

If the Ahrimanic System is smashed by Sorathic destructiveness; the world will have exchanged Satan for another and worse demon - the demon of wholesale destruction of everything that is true, beautiful or virtuous: of everything that is divine creation. 

So a Christian who is motivated by Love of God; can neither sustain The System, nor aim to destroy The System - can embrace neither 'law-and-order' nor 'freedom-and-chaos'. Can neither approve nor aim-to-destroy Amazon or any equivalent institution. 

Both motivations are types of evil; and indeed Sorathic destructive-chaos is a purer form of evil than Ahrimanic slavery. 

The dilemma, this double-bind (by which all choices are evil) is real; but it exists only at the level of This World, this Mortal Life. 

Such is the nature of these testing times.  Evil can be transcended - but only by making resurrected life eternal our priority; and by living in that light. 

We must live day by day, and make our life choices, primarily in light of eternity and Heaven... And therefore Not by trying to maximize this-worldly health, happiness and well-being.

What eventuates in this earthly mortal life is neither known, nor knowable; because secondary to our spiritual decisions.  

All worldly-motivated paths lead to Hell - sooner or later, by one route or another. 


Gary Bleasdale said...

This is an extremely important point.

Morally speaking, the existence of this double-bind at a conceptual level forces us to recognize that good and evil cannot be ascribed to entire systems (and therefore, by deduction, to those who participate in those systems). In other words, it shouldn't be thought about at an "abstract level".

Because if we do, there would be no way to choose good in this earthly life, which I find untenable.

What it does, however, is drive us to recognize that good or evil are choices and actions, in their overwhelming majority small ones. All these mostly subtle, small, local decisions we make on a second-by-second basis, are what determines whether we are advancing good or evil.

Even an organization such as the one you mentioned, which has done and does very much indeed to advance evil in the world, could also be used to bring about good, when engaged in by a person who is well-motivated and under guidance of the Holy Ghost.

There is much we don't know, and can't expect to know, but we can be sure that when our actions are guided by the Holy Ghost, they will be right - no matter if we be engaging with entities which can accurately be said to further evil in the world, when viewed in a generalized and overall way.

I think the main conclusion is that there is no "pure" good and "pure" evil in some sort of "substantive" way in this world - only good and evil decisions, which can be made by anyone, at any time, in any moment, regardless of circumstances.

A world of substantive "pure" good or "pure" evil, comes later - and either may be entered into by choice.

Ingemar said...

Wouldn't "freedom fighting" be Luciferic rather than Sorathic? From previous posts I got the impression that it would be the System Administrators who would turn to Sorath.

PhilR said...

In other words: be *very* careful what you wish for!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ingemar - Of course one can only generalise; but I don't see much Luciferic behaviour in the mainstream world today. Of course private family life may well be different. But mostly people take their meagre pleasures in a bitter, entitled, aggressive spirit. Luciferic 'freedom' is a thing of the past, the subject of (misguided) nostalgia.

ben said...

Would you consider there to be such a thing as (Christian rather than Sorathic) creative destruction a la Charlemagne executing the Saxons at Verden or the Allied attack on Nazi Germany? Surely there is Good, non-demonic destruction.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ben - It is about motives; and which side you are allied with - God or the demons.

Destruction of divine creation, because it is of-God - is an evil motivation.

Jacob Gittes said...

Great post.
AS I try to solve this problem for myself, I find myself focusing less on the system and how to fight it, which I believe to be impossible. I focus instead on my process of drawing closer to God and creation. I want to garden, build a cabin in the woods, help people, fix things.
I plan to even cancel my Amazon prime subscription (a bit of synchronicity here), but I don't see that as attacking Amazon, but rather as simply not participating.

Whether my little actions such as gardening and building things and trying to form a parallel community of like-minded people (which is having some success) actually make a huge difference in the material world is almost irrelevant. The motivation is what matters to me. The material benefits, such as they are, are a plus.
The relationships with other spiritual beings aka humans also will be much improved, I believe. At least that's my hope and my initial impression.

One does sense, however, that the Sorathic elements are rising. Anger, resentment. Mutual recrimination. The Democratic-run gov't is gunning for conservative Christians, claiming tha that we/they are a danger. That we are violent extremists. Thus, just wanting to be left alone will make you a focus of Sauron's gaze.

Brief Outlines said...

This hits one massive nail on the head, Bruce.