Sunday 21 February 2021

Monetized bloggers/ vloggers, clubs and conferences, are all System insiders

For a Christian to respond properly to the current situation - it is necessary to recognize first the The System is evil, and second that The System includes all formal institutions. 

By formal institutions, I means those that are monetized, have accounts, employ people - are regulated by law. This means that even a small club or conference, any blog or vlog, is inside The System, if it has any of these 'corporate' characteristics.

That does not mean that such must be avoided - indeed they cannot; because The System is everywhere, and we live by means of it - but that we absolutely need to be aware of the fact

The only groupings that can be (although not necessarily are) outside The System are those that are affective, based on shared interest, voluntary, amateur - personal

Such discernments are required because of the imperative of System-distancing. This distancing is a spiritual imperative; it means that although we cannot avoid participating in The System in order to live - we need to be aware of such participation: aware so that we can acknowledge and repent the ways in which it inevitably leads us to sin. 

That is, we need continually to generate and maintain a spiritual distance between our-selves and The System.  

This isn't actually difficult, in the sense that evil is clearer and more obvious than ever before; but it is difficult in the sense that evil-affiliated people and institutions are everywhere and in a large majority - and include many people/ institutions that we like and rely-upon.

The evil-affiliated include many who regard themselves as being opposed to evil but - overall, by their support of a 'reformed' System - are not genuinely opposed to, but in service to, evil. 

I am not saying it is logically-impossible for (for instance) a blogger who has monetized his blog to be genuinely against The System - but it is unlikely that a genuinely God-affiliated individual would monetize his blog, thereby linking it positively with the global bureaucracy. 

In practice, such individuals always aim to reform The System - and that has become impossible. So they actually live in hope of being saved by a System which is evil by strategic intent: that is, they put their faith in evil.  

A self-identified Christian church that owns buildings, is an employer, pays taxes, presents accounts etc - Just Is is an integral part of The System. So many and so various are the System-links - and so strategically and pervasively evil is The System - that the net-evil of any such church is almost inevitable in 2021. 

It is therefore essential that this System-evil explicitly and clearly be recognized; in order to be repented. If the institution is not doing this, it Just Is is evil affiliated. 

And likewise if a person is not explicitly and clearly aware that his Church is evil-affiliated; then he will be placing his faith in evil.

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