Monday 21 March 2022

The Fire Nation Litmus Test: Negativism and the Mass Media revisited

From the Introduction to Avatar: The Last Airbender: "Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked."

A decade ago I suggested that negativism was the proper attitude towards the Mass Media when it came to the major 'stories' - and this just becomes truer and truer, by the month. 

The idea of negativism is that it is not sufficient to 'disbelieve' the Mass Media - because nature abhors a vacuum, and one must believe something.

The idea of negativism is based upon the following:

The major output of the modern international Mass Media is always value-inverted by intent; and consists of only four categories:

1. Good presented as bad 

2. Bad presented as Good 

(That is to say simple inversion

3. Good presented as Good for a bad reason 

4. Bad presented as bad for a bad reason 

(That is to say explanatory inversion)

Therefore, while the entire Western global and public world is God-excluding and therefore evil; we can be sure that anything actively promoted by the Mass Media will be a greater-evil; and anything opposed that is systematically ignored, demonized or suppressed will be a lesser-evil. 

This becomes more obvious as the Mass Media becomes more unified, and as it excludes dissenting views more effectively and aggressively. 

From two years ago; there was an international totalitarian coup by means of which the global Mass Media achieved an unprecedented uniformity and censorship with respect to the fake-emergency of the birdemic - this time propagandizing the inversion of a monomaniacal view of healthism. 

(Totalitarianism - capture and coordination of all major social systems - was necessary to give the media extra dimensions of physical enforcement; such as the many types of deplatforming, defunding, exclusion from services; as well as legal and police compulsion and sactions based on catch-all/ selectively-enforced concepts such as 'hate crime', 'workplace hostility', 'terrorism' and other deliberately-vague 'isms'/ 'hates'/ 'phobias'.)

This uniformity and aggression has since been ramped-up by stages to include all the core Global Establishment policies and strategies while ignoring the fact of the international totalitarian coup and systematic destruction of the world economy and civilization.

We had extra waves of control implemented successfully for the 'MLB' antiracism scam, then the birdemic-peck fake, and continual ramping-up of narrative-control with respect to climate and the transagenda (and the decade's long sexual revolution which it currently spearheads).      


We can see the results from a few weeks ago after everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.  

There has never been anything to approach the degree of uniformity and extremity of propaganda that was mobilized by the global totalitarian system immediately after the Fire Nation attacked. 

The Mass Media now completely eclipses what happened with the birdemic - if you can cast you mind back across those two long years. At the time the international coordination of Media was obvious and unprecedented; but it was measured, gradual and diverse compared with what happened when the Fire Nation attacked on 24/2. 

With our experience of wave after wave of propaganda for evil over the past two years; one might have supposed that this astonishing rapidity, uniformity and extremity of the Mass Media response to the Fire Nation would have made it very obvious which was the greater, and which the lesser, evil.

And maybe that is exactly what it did...

Maybe this new Fire Nation Litmus Test is just that; I mean, not of-itself a cause of transferring Men's allegiance from God to the demonic; but instead simply a 'test' or indicator that reveals the truth about each Man

Because anyone who knows that the world is ruled by evil Men in league with Satan (and if they don't recognize this fact by-now, then no proof will ever be sufficient) - who then sees in the Mass Media all of these evil Men (without exception) advocating a particular narrative - then knows that that view, that agenda must itself be evil by motivation. And more evil than the views which they oppose, suppress, demonize and punish (in a characteristically demonic frenzy - without limit or restraint). 

Therefore we should not strive for neutrality - which is, anyway, impossible; but may quickly and simply make a choice to reject the greater evil. And indifference may also be impossible; in face of a expansile totalitarian (thus pan-social-system) campaign to make this Litmus Test issue unavoidable in public discourse and life.  

But we should not, in our hearts, lose our grip upon what is, in fact, a facile discrimination.   

That does Not mean that we ought to support the lesser evil; because that too is a demonic snare. Yet it does mean being clear about the greater and lesser evils; which is part of avoiding getting sucked-into value-inversion - which is a primary tool of Christian subversion and mass damnation. 


Todd said...

Dr. C,
How timely!
Yesterday the non-dogma-based "Christian" church I've been attending (as in a small town, it's good to have real, personal relationships of some kind), they pastor announced that they were "selling" flags of the nation attacked by the fire-nation for $10, which would go to help that nation's refugees.

In a meeting after church, I patiently explained to the few people who showed up why I couldn't be on board with this agenda. I also stated that I wasn't automatically supporting the fire nation's agenda. I did point out the insanity of pumping weapons into the region to inflame tensions. I even said that I thought it was evil - yes the E word - to hand out barrels of guns to teenagers and old people and tell them to suicidally attack fire nation tanks, etc. I had printed out an NYT front page photo showing a young, beautiful woman of the attacked nation in full battle gear with a gun strapped to her chest, and held it up as an example of value inversion.

I have to say that the pastor did say that he would think about it. The other attendee stated that "it was hard to know what is true and what is not." That's where I brought up inner knowing. Sorry if this was too long and too specific, but your blog post today was very synchronous with my experience. I sort of feel that one can no longer be "neutral." The difficulty in this is that some people accuse one of supporting the fire nation by not supporting more war against the fire nation.

Stephen Macdonald said...

Each successive wave of totalitarian evil propaganda sweeps more Christians away.

I now understand the vision I was given around 2018: in this vision I am clinging with all my strength to the base of the cross (I can feel the wood on my cheek) -- the only remaining point of absolute stability as everything around me shreds and is blown away into darkness.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Nova - Yes.

When I first became a Christian (2008 ish), and knowing the statistics that it was officially the largest religion in the world and winning coverts rapidly - I could not understand the prophecies to the effect that by 'the end' it would be hard to find any remaining Christians.

Well, I understand it now!

a_probst said...

"...and winning coverts rapidly..."

Freudian typo?

Bruce Charlton said...

@a_p - Which bit do you mean?

Anonymous said...

Extremely thought-provoking.

Coming home from some shopping yesterday, a cloudy and miserable day, I got to the building by the laundry room, where people routinely leave "stuff".

What did I see?

A beautiful Byzantine icon of the Theotokos with Child, on bark base. I took this to be a sign of Supernal Mercy, so it's now sitting in our living room in a prominent place.

Thank you for the work you do, it radiates to others in far-away places.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Berkan - No need to post your comment in quadruplicate!...

a_probst said...


I know he meant 'converts'; I was making a joke and not at his expense--there might be 'coverts' in The Church.

Alan Roebuck said...

“Good presented as Good for a bad reason.” E.g., environmentalism presented as good because mankind is a plague.

“Bad presented as bad for a bad reason.” E.g., bullying presented as bad because it prevents Alphabetites from being true to themselves.

P.S. Why “Fire Nation?” Its more icy than fiery.