Monday 16 May 2022

Global Giga-death - what are the apocalyptic options?

It seems clear that a significant proportion of the Global Establishment are determined to reduced the world population from about seven-plus billions, to to something like a tenth of its present level - which would involve the deaths of more than six billion persons: something wholly unprecedented in scale. 

I have termed this level of mortality "Giga-death" - and, indeed, I believe it is possible that it may be something that would happen even without intent - due to biological factors.

However, there is now intent to inflict Giga-death - coming from the 'highest' levels of human power (and underpinned by the supernatural and immaterial demonic powers that these humans serve); indeed, the plans for Giga-death are well advanced. 

The causes of death (as in the causes underlying the "Horsemen of the Apocalypse") can be boiled-down to three broad possibilities - one at a time of which has tended to dominate historically, but which can also operate simultaneously and synergistically. 

These are:

1. Disease (including poisoning)

2. Violence (including war)

3. Starvation

All three policies are being pursued pretty vigorously - and it seems that they can all be done with sufficiently deniability to fool the witless and addicted masses. 

The birdemic was a failed attempt at 1; but it is likely that it will not be the last. More effective, in places, was the social restrictions and infrastructural chaos introduced under the excuse of the birdemic; and of course if society is reduced to chaos, then disease could certainly become a very major cause of mortality. 

On the back of the birdemic, there has been a sustained attempt to poison billions of people with the peck - but whether this is effective remains to be seen. 

It is important to realize that, when it comes to anything involving 'science' - the Establishment are grossly incompetent because of their endemic lying and infighting for personal advantage. They are superb at the easy job of causing destruction and chaos, but incompetent at anything requiring skill - and creativity is utterly beyond them. 

Violence is being worked on vigorously at present - in terms of the disorder of mass migration, 'diversity', selective/ no policing and active societal destruction; and by taking advantage of the 2020 coup which has placed a population-hostile, globalist-totalitarian-compliant, political/ corporate/ major institutional leadership-class in control of nearly-all nations. 

But now - and acutely, increasing daily - the 'Giga-death by violence' agenda is being aggressively pursued by provoking and sustaining armed conflict with non-Western nations; and driven towards escalation by putting in place multivalent, interlocking structures and alliances (rationalized and backed by the recently monolithic mass media); that are intended to lead, incrementally but irrevocably, through escalation to world war. 

Presumably, this could rapidly achieve the goal of massive casualties by violence - plus adding substantially to chaos and its consequent disease - and starvation. 

The starvation agenda is being pursued by destroying the world economy at multiple levels and in multiple ways - first with the 'climate change' agenda, from 2020 much more lethally with the birdemic restrictions and testing regime; most recently with the vast damage of 'sanctions', trade blockades - and the multiplier effect that each of these has on disrupting world and local economies. 

As with the planning for war; the intent of the starvation agenda seems to be that damage to production, processing, transport and distribution will incrementally become so great - and be inflicted by so many simultaneous destructive influences; that a positive-feedback process will eventuate. 

This means that each increment of harmful change will cause further and greater harmful changes - in an accelerating, and then runaway fashion. 

Once enough damage has been inflicted in enough places; the process will be irreversible - even if there was any will to reverse it. 

Deliberately to kill billions of people - the Giga-death agenda - must surely involve all three of the major mechanisms of mass death (linked by their common determinant of chaos); and we can see exactly this being implemented before our eyes in real time. 

At some point, presumably, all three causes will interact-with and reinforce each other in a Triple-headed Apocalypse. 


Michael From Mountains said...

Insightful, informative piece. I'm an old man in his 70s, aware of what's coming, and in the odd position of withholding what I know from my wife and children. It's something of a burden to realize my 2 grandsons may not live to reach puberty. But my faith in God is undiminished and my awareness of the demonic is focused. God be with you and yours sir.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Michael I am older as well.

I have been called a debbie downer some so I to no longer speak about what's coming, not knowing exactly what that is. except with people of similar understanding.

Faith is the only thing that will give us peace of the mind and heart. So I pray for you, the blogger and humanity that we come to our senses but God's will be done.

Bruce Charlton said...

MFM and BCCL - I don't recognise your names as regular commenters - but if you explore the blog more generally, you will discover that I believe that individual persons seeing-through the masks of evil, recognizing and naming it; is both a spiritually and materially valuable response to evil: perhaps the most effective response to evil that there can be - because it opens us to becoming God's tools in the spiritual war.

Certainly far more effective than organizing and politics - although spiritual understanding may have political implications further down the line.

A said...

If the Old Testament is any guide, the trails and tribulations will lead to repentance and conversion.

miforest said...

I am old too. and in the same boat about telling people about this. no matter how hard i try to be gradual , there is no interest at all form the normies. even in the family . I offer evidence and they won't even look at it . It is clearly right out of the book of revelations.
I think the antichrist is here and setting thins op for his reign . he is using the WEF as his tool .

Bruce Charlton said...

@MA - "If the Old Testament is any guide"

But surely it is not a guide? In the first place, it was in its essence superseded by the work of Jesus (such that to follow Jesus is now necessary *and sufficient* for salvation). But also because modern people behave in such an utterly different way that that described in the Old Testament.

e.g. wrt Trials and Tribulations - in the OT these tend to lead to repentance; nowadays the fact that life has Ts&Ts is generally regarded as conclusive evidence that God does Not exist! (On the basis that if God was real - and Good - there would supposedly be zero Trials and Tribulations.)

What then caused repentance now causes apostasy.