Thursday 16 November 2023

The Red Pill is a Blue Pill when foreign wars are concerned

The Red Pill is, both in the Matrix movie and in real life, in truth just another Blue Pill. 

This is because the depicted Red Pill, and also the supposed Red Pills of a vast amount of pseudo-anti-left stuff on the internet over the past twenty-something years; is just more politics, more sociology, more psychology... Just another variant of the usual materialist (spirit-excluding) public discourse.

The real-reality behind the fake-reality of mass mainstream official discourse concerning wars/ climate/ racism/ the birdemic/ inequity etc - is that the spiritual is primary, and all this is a manifestation of spiritual war

Any valid Red Pill should clarify that we are the beloved children of that God whose creation we all inhabit - and anything short of this is a dangerously partial distortion of real-reality. 

Fictional or factual depictions of the masses as mind-controlled, exploited and enslaved, tormented creatures etc - are Blue Pills unless they include that the motivating purpose of this is spiritual; totalitarianism is a means to spiritual ends.     

Socio-political discourse is nearly-always a Blue Pill; because it neglects, excludes and denies that we inhabit A Divine Creation; and that this creation - including the souls of Men - is under continual attack from demonic and demon-affiliated powers.  

Almost-all the Red Pill discourse I have encountered (whether using the Pill terminology or simply socio-political ideology masquerading as revelations of reality) functions as indirect propaganda for the exclusive reality of the material world. 

Exposes of merely political underlying structures and mechanisms are tacit denials that the material is only a part of the spiritual; they constitute an implicit exclusion of the reality that our mortal life and this earth are (if we so choose) a temporary and transitional stage leading to the eternity of resurrected Heavenly life.  

Thus (as a topical instance) the real Red-Pill reality includes that the current Fire Nation or Arrakis wars are (in their different ways) spiritual wars - ultimately these are conflicts over the souls of Men and the future of God's creation. 

Ultimately; as far as you and I are concerned, these primarily spiritual wars are only very indirectly related to whatever might (or might not) be happening materially in these wars. Material war (i.e what actually happens 'on the ground') are, spiritually speaking, almost (but not quite) irrelevant to the spiritual war currently afoot in your soul and mine. 

(Rather than being, as usually considered, the proper subject matter of Red Pill reality.)   

That is the true and spiritual framework within-which these and other wars are happening, here and now, and in the way that they being presented and conducted. 

And it is just-another Blue Pill to pretend otherwise.  

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