Sunday 22 October 2023

From a united-leftist war to a leftist civil war (Ahrimanic to Sorathic)

First: every voice in the Western mainstream sociopolitical and institutional discourse is leftist - including those who call themselves (maybe believe themselves?) to be on the right (conservatives, republicans, nationalists, libertarians etc.). 

The 2022 war of the West versus the Fire Nation had the whole the the Western establishment united and on the same side: dissent was censored, the mass media were all presenting minor variations of the same message. 

It could be seen, at least superficially, as a war of the united globalist totalitarians against those who would dissent from their agenda

On the face of it, the anti-Fire nation war was therefore an Ahrimanic war; of the materialist-totalitarians, against the only bastion of Christian civilization. 

The new war of the past couple of weeks (in the desert lands of Arrakis between the original native Fremen and the recent colonists of CHOAM) is very different. 

(With the partial exception of the USA); we can see that the Western mass media are divided between the sides; within-nations, the Western populations are divided; there is no serious censorship - and both sides are being allowed to argue and present their cases (and disseminate their propaganda, including reporting of large rallies) within mainstream Western discourse.

So the new Arrakis war is in essence, and by design, a civil war, happening within the West; and between Western parties.   

Given that this war was was deliberately triggered (by agents operation on both 'sides') we can see that this is a further development of the trend for increasingly dominant Sorathic evil in the West - evident since the summer of 2020. 

Unlike with the FN war - here there is no good side; that is, no side fighting for Christian good - and the Arrakis war's nature is (very evidently) motivated by mutual resentment and spite, and mutual desire for annihilation...

The prospect if for no national winners, and destruction all-round. 

Pure Sorath.  


Colin said...

I have been reflecting on whether Ahrimanic evil is much more established and powerful than I imagined. Such that occurrences of sorathic evil are really being allowed and managed. Increased and decreased in accord with and in support of the extension of the ahrimanic agenda and not at risk of getting ‘out of control’ as it seems.

If Ahriman holds the power, money, weapons supply, media and so on then sorathic evil can be turned up and down in its service.

When I was growing up communism (in Russia) was very unappealing it seemed - frightening, cold, poor, cruelly enforced by mean spies and torture. We didn’t want that. Now it’s a 15 min city, purpose made to meet all your needs and you can live a nice fun wonderful safe life with everything right there. Gym, mens groups, work, entertainment, all the big chains of restaurants on your doorstep; kept up to date with live media streamed on giant screens 24/7 (bbc news!). No need for a car or to go anywhere. Now communism has become just what you want. Damnation freely and happily chosen. Available now in many of our cities. New and more developed versions being built. Although you can still enter and leave the areas at will…

Bruce Charlton said...

@Colin- "If Ahriman holds the power, money, weapons supply, media and so on then sorathic evil can be turned up and down in its service."

By my understanding, that is how the Ahrimanic bureaucrat totalitarians explain to themselves what is happening.

But what is (I think) *really* happening, is that those powers who desire chaos, death and destruction are getting the upper hand - and are very happy to have their ever-increasing successes explained-away and ignored as 'all part of the plan'.