Thursday, 24 January 2013


Note added: False alarm - didn't continue to work - presumed freakish interaction...

News only two days old is that 75 mg aspirin (the tiny tablets used to prevent heart attacks and strokes) produces about 75 percent relief from the pain in my arthriticky knees!

Getting up from a chair or climbing stairs is no longer a torment/ comic book parody of decrepitude; and I am not distracted by continuous burning sensations.

(Of course the joints will objectively be just as bad as before, but it was discomfort rather than functionality that was the major problem.)

Such striking pain relief within a couple of hours, in the context of months of increasing pain and restriction and side effects despite a variety of supposedly much stronger pain killers... well, this is like penicillin for pneumonia all over again - a therapeutic miracle!

The rationale for this treatment? I have none. (75 mg is a long way sub-analgesic, and sub-sub-anti-inflammatory - the effect of this small dose is supposedly on preventing platelet aggregation.) It was just an idea that popped into my head (and thanks to whoever popped it there). 

I award myself a spiritual Nobel Prize for this n=1 triumph.

Will it last more than a coupla days? Will side effects prove intolerable? - We shall see what we shall see...