Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Classical musicians who dominate public perception of their instrument


Not necessarily 'the best' but those who have indelibly stamped themselves on perceptions of their instrument.

This is a personal selection - Anglo-orientated - feel free to disagree/ make alternate suggestions.

Flute - James Galway

Oboe - Heinz Holliger

French Horn - Dennis Brain

Clarinet - Jack Brymer

Recorder - Arnold Dolmetsch

Trumpet - Maurice Andre

Guitar - Segovia

Lute - Julian Bream

Percussion - James Blades

Bassoon - Nobody

Harpsichord - George Malcolm



Bruce Charlton said...

BTW - of the above, I suspect that Andre, Holliger and Bream really were *the best* that ever were and ever will be.

dearieme said...

The bassoon, however, did inspire one of the great books of the 20th century - How To Run A Bassoon Factory.