Monday, 14 January 2013

Bad language and 'Right Wing' blogging - another example of 'things coming to a point'


It is quite easy to discern Christian Reactionary blogs from Secular Right blogs in terms of bad language.

Bad language = not-Christian, indeed anti-Christian (whatever alternative pretense may be asserted).

Of course, bad language is merely a symptom of the soul - but it is a very clear one.

Whenever this blog attracts commenters from the secular Right, I can guarantee a great deal of moderation screening; and the typical commenter (and indeed blogger) at a secular Right blog takes a delight in bad language (especially sexual description) which is, frankly, creepy to a Christian.

This applies to many (not all - e.g. that 'perfect gentleman' among the Alt Right, Dennis Mangan!) of the even the best of Secular Right blogs, bloggers and commenters, as well as the worst - for example, one of the danger signs about Mencius Moldbug is his (literally) perverse delight in bad language.

Of course bloggers refraining from bad language and screening bad language from their comments does not, in itself, show that they are Christian - but it does help make the world a better place.